With the final season of Teen Wolf right around the corner, what new challenges will Scott McCall and his pack have to face before the end of the line? We found the right person to ask when we stumbled upon Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis at San Diego Comic Con.

BuddyTV had the chance to ask Davis some of our burning questions about what’s coming up in the show’s final season. It sounds like the last ten episodes of the series are going to be action-packed, featuring some familiar faces and new foes. 

“It’s a season of fear and it’s a season of being outsiders,” Davis told us. “We see Scott and his friends become outsiders again.”

The Rise of New Hunters

Scott and his pack have been fighting supernatural creepy crawlies for the last few seasons, but in the final 10 episodes, it appears some of his foes are all too human. Harkening back to the show’s freshman season, Scott will be facing down a pack of hunters lead by an Argent, only this time it’s Gerard. But there will also be some new faces among the hunter pack. 

“It was the idea of the rise of new hunters. The real villain of the hunter side of the story is played by Sibongile Mlambo,” Davis said. “And you really understand her motivation. Gerard kind of takes her under his wing and sees some magical talent there.”

If you’re bummed Teen Wolf won’t be providing any nightmare fodder in the final season, don’t worry, there will still be some supernatural nasties for the pack to deal with. 

“There’s also another creature that you see in the trailer that will be explained in the mythology,” Davis said. “It’s hopefully a very good, scary season.”

We’ll See Familiar Faces Return to Fight

If you’ve seen the trailer for Teen Wolf‘s final season you’ve probably noticed a few familiar faces. Season 6B will see Tyler Hoechlin‘s Derek, Colton Haynes‘ Jackson, and Charlie Carver’s Ethan returning to Beacon Hills to take part in the fighting. 

“It’s really fun to see all the return faces. What we really wanted to do was not make them pointless cameos, to tie them into the story,” Davis said. “I’m really happy with the way it came together. I think it’ll be fun for the audience to see these new faces and old faces together in scenes.”

Of course, with an already extensive cast of characters in Scott’s pack, there was a real challenge balancing the stories of the existing cast members with the returning characters. While Derek, Jackson and Ethan have a part to play in the coming war between Scott’s pack and the hunters, Davis and his team wanted to be sure that the returning fan favorites didn’t overshadow everyone else. 

“If we’re bringing Hoechlin back, we want a good Derek story, but we can’t forget about these other characters. It’s like leaving someone on a deserted island while the rest of the show goes on,” Davis explained. “So it was a challenge, but hopefully the audience thinks we did it well.” 

Scott’s War Has Literary Roots

With only 10 episodes left, Davis and his team of writers had to focus in on the story they wanted to tell for the final half season. And ultimately, that story went full circle back to the show’s founding dynamic duo. 

“The first question we asked was ‘How do we want Scott’s story to end?’ and that was kind of the most important. Season 6A was very much a story about Stiles, so for 6B we said ‘Okay, let’s bring it back to Scott McCall, the Teen Wolf,'” Davis said. “Let’s end the show on Teen Wolf.”

Putting the focus on Scott allowed the writers to think about what kind of story they wanted to tell for the hero of the series to close out his arc. For inspiration, the writers went back to a popular source: Shakespeare. In particular, they looked to Henry IV for inspiration on the war-like themes of the show’s final season. 

“I don’t want to seem weirdly literary, but we looked at it as if Scott and Stiles are sort of Prince Hal and Falstaff. What is Hal without Falstaff? So we said, ‘Henry has to fight a war.’ So we decided alright, Scott is going to have to fight a war,” Davis explained. “And that’s how it sort of came about.”

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