With San Diego Comic-Con put to bed but the fall round of TCAs gearing up, casting news for everyone’s favorite shows is going to keep coming until the new season premieres. The Flash will see two big shake-ups in their cast for season 4. Lethal Weapon is getting a new young all-star detective in Los Angeles and Chicago PD is adding their own hotshot to their department. 

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Tom Felton Leaves The Flash

In The Flash‘s season 4 SDCC trailer, there was a suspiciously missing member from the team. The trailer showed that following Barry Allen’s forced vacation to the Speed Force, Iris West will step up to become team leader and Cisco, Joe, Wally and even Caitlin Snow will join her in saving Central City. There was no mention or even glimpse of season 3 addition to Team Flash, Julian Albert. It turns out there was a reason. 

EW reports that Tom Felton is leaving The Flash and will not be back as a series regular for season 4. Evidently the six month time jump that is planned for The Flash season 4 and the break-up of his relationship with Caitlin will prove to be too much for Julian. Julian will be written out of the show when season 4 begins. There are no plans, currently, for Felton to reprise his role but it is not impossible that he might reappear one day. 

The Flash Star Joins Taken Season 2

Julian might be out of Team Flash but season 4 will see the return of Gypsy, the dimension traveling heroine. It just might not be as much Gypsy as some fans would hope. TVLine is reporting that Jessica Camacho, who played Cisco Ramon’s love interest in season 3, has joined the soft reboot of NBC’s Taken

Camacho will play Santana on the show. She is a former Army captain who is “scary-smart” and a bit of a rule breaker. Taken season 2 will have a 16 episode season 2 and is set for a midseason premiere so it shouldn’t interfere too much with The Flash‘s plans for the recurring Gypsy in season 4. Though it is likely that Gypsy won’t appear in season 4 of The Flash, any more than she appeared in season 3. 

Lethal Weapon Casts Andrew Creer as LAPD’s New Golden Boy 

Riggs and Murtaugh are going to have even more trouble at work, if the latest casting news for Lethal Weapon season 2 can be believed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Australian newcomer Andrew Creer has been cast as a handsome and ambitious detective named Zach Bowman. 

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Bowman will be partnered with Michelle Mitchenor’s character, Detective Bailey, and will become almost like the anti-Riggs and Murtaugh. Bowman is apparently very eager, continually finds his way into lucky situations and will be the LAPD’s favorite son. Bowman will counter-balance the bad press that Riggs and Murtaugh cause for the department much the duo’s chagrin. 

Tracy Spiridakos Promoted to Series Regular on Chicago PD 

After bouncing around more than few series since NBC’s Revolution was cancelled, Tracy Spiridakos has found her new TV home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spiridakos’ two episode gig at the end of Chicago PD season 4 will turn into something much more permanent in season 5. Spiridakos has joined the cop drama as a series regular, reprising her role as Detective Hailey Upton.  

Spiridakos will likely fill the role in the cast was left by Sophia Bush. Bush’s character exited the series in season 4 finale by accepting a job in New York. Spiridakos’ Upton will accept the job offer that was extended to her in season 4 finale and will be determined to prove herself in season 5. She is described as having “killer instincts” but still has a lot of humor and smarts. 

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