On this episode of Suits, “Mudmare,” Louis does his best to accept Alex, Mike takes a pro bono case that causes conflict within the firm and Rachel and Donna struggle in their new roles.

Louis may be happy that Alex Williams isn’t going to be a partner, but he’s still feeling threatened by Harvey’s pal joining the firm. He tells his shrink he even had a “mudmare” during which his long-time fantasy of going mudding with Harvey was finally realized, only to have it soiled (pun intended) by Alex’s arrival. Louis continues to be his own worst enemy as he lets his emotions overwhelm him. His doctor advises Louis to use this opportunity to make a new friend. It’s a chance for him to have one more friend instead of one less.

Mike’s New Case Hits Close to Home

Mike got his first pro bono case out of the way, and he’s riding high thanks to a New York Times article chronicling his rise from sinner to saint. So now it’s back to making it rain. Harvey puts Mike in charge of an impending merger.

Mike also receives a visit from a Mr. Reyes whose 28-year-old son died in prison of a heart attack. Reyes has been trying to get answers from the powers that be but has been stonewalled. He finds the circumstances suspicious, especially since his son was up for parole in a month.

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Mike wants to help, but he says it will be a few days before he can get started. Reyes questions Mike about the delay, and he explains the deal he has with the firm. Reyes says the last lawyer he spoke to mentioned a statute of limitations. Reyes only has another two weeks to file a lawsuit. Mike assures him they should have more than enough time, but he can’t just drop everything. Reyes understands but explains that his son, Chris, was thrown in jail for possession of just one ounce of marijuana, and he doesn’t believe his son should have been incarcerated in the first place. He’s eager to get some justice. Mike says he’ll see what he can do.

Mike comes to Harvey to explain that the company that’s supposed to merge with their client has had a change of heart. Harvey can’t figure out why or what they’re up to, but Mike says Harvey will have to figure it out without his help. He explains he’s got another pro bono on a timeline, and Harvey lets him off the hook.

One Cool Cat

Donna catches Louis stalking Alex and worries about his intentions, but Louis assures her he comes in peace. He’s even got a plant. After reminding himself to not be hostile, Louis introduces himself to PSL’s new addition. Louis apologizes for trying to poach Alex’s biggest client and suggests they start fresh. Louis invites Alex to lunch and is thrilled to learn that Alex has cats as well. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or will Louis ruin everything by being…Louis?

More to the Story

Mike does some digging and learns that Chris Reyes was in a fight and was sent to solitary confinement. He complained of difficulty breathing and medical treatment was administered but he died a few hours later.

Mike shows Mr. Reyes the incident report and says he doesn’t think they have a case. Reyes doesn’t believe it, but having been a jailbird himself, Mike assures him that what the report says is plausible. Mr. Reyes swears that his son would have never gotten in a fight when he was up for parole. He believes someone came for Chris, and nobody at the prison cared enough to protect him. Reyes tells Mike that if this could happen to his son, it’s going to happen again.

Harvey and Alex deal with the merger situation. It turns out the lawyer representing the firm trying to back out used the PSL to disguise the fact that they were really trying to merge with another company. Harvey and Alex threaten that if the merger doesn’t go through as planned, they’ll involve the Department of Justice (The legal details aren’t important other than it was a shady deal.) They also insist that the man who helped orchestrate the whole thing, Chase, step down. Harvey insists the new company won’t need two outside councils, especially someone who does shady shit without his client knowing. Harvey says Chase can bow out or be kicked out.

Alex and Harvey celebrate their victory over lunch, and Alex asks about Louis whose behavior has been erratic. First Louis tried to steal his client, then he brings him a plant and when Alex was forced to cancel lunch, Louis sounded like he was going to cry.

Harvey explains that Louis didn’t want Alex at PSL, but it wasn’t professional. Louis was worried Harvey would be better friends with Alex than him — total man crush. Harvey compares Louis to Major Frank Burns on M*A*S*H — he loves, hates and wants to be Harvey all at the same time.

Mike questions one of the guards on duty the night Chris died. The man confirms the events in the incident report. Mike doesn’t believe him and questions if the guards are corrupt or if somebody was out to get Chris, but the guard insists Chris just died. There’s no conspiracy; nobody’s evil, just cheap. The only reason the other inmate was able to beat on Chris for as long as he did was because there weren’t enough guards. All the prison cares about is the bottom line.


Rachel is already running into trouble with the associates. One in particular, Stephanie Patel, keeps handing off her assignments. Rachel gave the woman a warning, but Stephanie disregarded it. Rachel goes to Donna for advice on how to handle the situation. Donna suggests that Donna take a page from Louis’ playbook — plant a fake associate and then fire him in front of the entire class. Donna thought it was crazy but is convinced Stephanie would have never pulled something like this with Louis.

Rachel argues that isn’t her style. Donna says that maybe Rachel should really fire Stephanie. This is her second offense, and if Rachel keeps letting things go, where will it end? Rachel doesn’t want her first official act to be to fire someone. Donna tells Rachel she better think of something because if she doesn’t take command, the associates are going to walk all over her.

Rachel confronts Stephanie who is unapologetic and even argues that she’s a grown woman who doesn’t need someone with less experience telling her what to do. Donna intervenes on Rachel’s behalf, but that only fuels the fire. Stephanie says she was recruited and promised she would be valued, but instead she’s had to take crap from Louis and now they want her to waste her time and ability. Donna assures Stephanie that she and Rachel handled Louis, but regarding Stephanie’s time and ability, if she doesn’t do what Rachel says, she’ll be shown the door.

Rachel accuses Donna of undermining her. Donna insists she was just backing her up, but Rachel claims Donna interfered in something she knows nothing about. Rachel thinks that Stephanie will now walk all over her if Donna isn’t around, and Donna believes the associate was doing that anyway. Rachel wants Donna to trust her leadership style instead of fighting her fights for her. Donna isn’t sure Rachel is ready for her new position after all, and Rachel shoots back that maybe Donna wasn’t either.

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Running Roughshod

Alex learns about Mike’s case and informs Harvey there’s a conflict of interest. Masterson Construction, the company that built the prison, is Alex’s client. Harvey doesn’t want to go back on his word to Mike just because Alex’s client is bullying him. Alex explains that if Masterson leaves because Harvey chose a prisoner over one of the biggest developers in the country, people are going to get the message PSL isn’t in the real estate business. Harvey tells Alex to drop them, but Alex refuses. He may not be a name partner, but that doesn’t mean Harvey gets to tell him who his clients are. Alex insists it’s just one pro bono, and Mike just took it. It shouldn’t be a big deal to drop it.

Harvey doesn’t want to go back on his word to Mike, and Alex reminds Harvey he did the same to him, but he understood it was business. If Mike can’t get that, what is he doing at PSL?

Harvey tells Mike he has to drop the case and explains the circumstances. Mike doesn’t want to back down, so Harvey threatens that if Mike doesn’t, the deal they made is over.

Harvey finds an unlikely ally in Louis. Louis goes head-to-head with Harvey. He doesn’t want them to set a precedent that Alex’s client can walk all over them. Harvey accuses Louis of being jealous. Harvey throws it back in Louis face that he confided he feared Harvey would become better friends with Alex than him. Louis is pissed that Harvey revealed their conversation in front of Donna no less.

Louis insists that none of this is about his relationship with Alex. It’s about the fact that Harvey is afraid to stand up to Alex. Donna agrees and says they should keep their word to Mike. Harvey isn’t interested in either Donna’s or Louis’ opinion and is still convinced Louis’ objections are personal. (I usually enjoy it when Harvey acts like a dick, but this season it is not a good color on him at all.)

Mike tries to hand over his case to Oliver who is still pissed off. Oliver doesn’t want to take it because it would be helping Mike out. Mike recounts how he almost died in prison, but he got out while Chris Reyes didn’t. The only thing in it for him is making sure it doesn’t happen to someone else. Mike knows Oliver cares enough to see it through. Oliver agrees to take the case.

Donna and Rachel make up. Donna admits she screwed up, and Rachel admits she doesn’t want to supervise anyone right now. She’d rather focus on being the best lawyer she can be.

Harvey finds out Mike gave the case to the clinic, and he insists that Mike sign an agreement that says he’ll have nothing more to do with the case and put it on Alex’s desk. Harvey wants Mike’s word that he’ll live by what he signs, and Mike promises he will.

Mike delivers to Alex what he promised and makes it clear he would have never taken the case if he knew there was a conflict. Alex tells Mike he appreciates him dropping it, and Mike responds that he was bulldozed. Mike can live with dropping the case and signing that paper but doesn’t want to get caught in a situation like this one again. Alex reveals he just told the same thing to his client. He realizes this whole mess doesn’t exactly make him look good either. Mike welcomes Alex to the firm.

Donna fires Stephanie when she learns the associate still hasn’t completed her assignment. She wishes Stephanie well. Stephanie doesn’t believe her, but Donna insists that it’s true.

Louis is becoming completely unraveled. He calls his therapist and unloads, insisting he’s not a horrible person. He also accidentally calls the man Harvey, so Louis’ issues are running pretty deep right about now.

Will Harvey ever give Donna the respect she deserves as COO? Can Harvey and Louis repair their relationship? Is Harvey proving to be a crappy leader? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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