Last week on Survivor: Worlds Apart, Mike hustled his way into finding an idol after Joe found the clue. Then the former “blue collars” (plus Carolyn and Tyler) cemented their dominant alliance by voting off Hali. Let’s see if there’s anything the minority alliance can do to get back in the game.

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After Tribal Council, Dan can’t help but continue to throw his weight around. He tells Shirin off again, asking her why, as a fan, she can’t see the difference between a “flipper” and a “blindside.” He’s so condescending and disgusting. Unfortunately he’s making for the perfect person to take to the end because there’s no way anyone would vote for him to win.

Jenn is hurting the most after the last vote because her best friend Hali is gone. She isn’t enjoying herself anymore now that she’s stuck with a bunch of people she doesn’t like and she’s talking about possibly quitting. Shirin doesn’t hold it against her personally but she recognizes that if Jenn left it would be bad for her game.

So, Shirin knows that she has to hitch herself to a new alliance. She hopes she can find a fracture in the majority alliance. She approaches Mike and Sierra about teaming up with them to get rid of Carolyn. It’s a good move since Carolyn isn’t part of their original alliance, but she’s still a pretty big threat.

Meanwhile, Rodney isn’t planning to stay with the “blue collars” for much longer. He says Dan is wrong; “flippers” do win at the right time.

Reward Challenge

For the reward, the survivors are split up into two teams of five. One at a time they have to swim through an obstacle course to a platform. Once they’re at the platform they have to use a grappling hook to retrieve five rings. The first team to do so wins an afternoon at a chocolate cafe.

The two teams are pretty evenly matched in the first part of the course. Will and Dan go up against each other and Jeff can barely contain his laughter. They’re falling awkwardly left and right and they both hardly get through it, but at least they’re both slow so they don’t lose any time for their respective teams.

The balance beam trips most of them up. Tyler takes a hard fall while neither Carolyn nor Shirin can seem to master it. But the Red Team only makes it to their platform slightly before the Blue Team.

Mike brings the Blue Team to victory with his excellent grappling hook skills. So Mike, Shirin, Sierra, Dan and Tyler are going on the reward outing.

Shirin feels the most excited about going so she can strengthen her bond with Sierra and Mike. Mike is pretty excited just to be eating a Snickers, which I can’t really blame him for.


Jenn is feeling bitter that she hasn’t gone on the last two rewards. She says that being out there would suck less if the people she were playing with sucked less.

But it’s Rodney who refuses to have a bad attitude about losing again. He cheers everyone at camp up by doing impressions of Mike and Dan. And he’s actually pretty good at it! Joe thinks Rodney’s dislike of Mike and Dan might lead him to an opportunity to get him to vote with him.

Jenn tells Joe that she’s basically ready to leave the competition. She tells him that if she wins immunity, she’ll give it to him at Tribal Council just to make everyone mad.

Immunity Challenge

For this week’s immunity challenge, the survivors have to stand on their toes balancing a block wedge between the top of their heads and a frame. The last man standing wins immunity.

Carolyn, Will and Shirin are the first to drop out. Joe has a couple of nice saves and manages to recover. Rodney, Dan and Sierra are out next but Joe is still struggling. Joe can’t hold on much longer and he drops out. His individual challenge winning streak is over.

Jenn, Tyler and Mike are the only ones left. Mike drops out soon after Joe but Jenn and Tyler look really sturdy. They both hang in there for as long as they can before Jenn starts to wobble and falls. Tyler wins immunity.

Loser Camp

Joe knows he’s on the chopping block but he wants to do whatever he can to stay in this game. Shirin knows that the majority alliance will try to split the vote, so she thinks that if both she and Joe vote for Jenn, Jenn will go home instead of Joe. Ironically, Jenn is down with this plan because she’s ready to go home and she might as well help her friend Joe on her way out.

But Mike tells Shirin that she needs to write Joe’s name down if she wants him to trust her. Shirin knows that Joe is the bigger threat in the long run.

Either way Joe knows he needs a back up plan. He pulls Dan aside to talk strategy with him and when Dan walks away, Joe takes off into the jungle to craft a fake immunity idol. He does a pretty good job of it too, considering he is a jewelry maker by trade.

Mike realizes that Dan lost Joe and he takes off in a mad rush looking for him (typical Dan behavior). When he finds him, Joe makes him an offer. He says that he’ll give Mike his hidden immunity idol if the votes swing toward Jenn tonight instead of him. Mike says he’d consider it only if he had the idol in his hands for Tribal Council. It’s a long shot, especially because there wouldn’t be anything to keep Mike to his word, but at this point Joe’s got nothing left to lose.

Tribal Council

As soon as they sit down, Joe hands Mike the “idol.”

Jeff calls out Jenn for being apathetic one minute and then fighting to win immunity the next. Jenn admits that she was just trying to win it so she could give the necklace to Joe. When Jeff tells her she could pull the ultimate “no collar” move and just walk out, she says that would be quitting. She’s not a quitter. (I have to say, this “I’m going to quit because I’m losing” attitude is not a good look on Jenn. Jeff’s right, if she wants to quit, she should just quit, no need for all these antics.)

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Joe, on the other hand, is desperate to stay. He says Jenn has already quit mentally, emotionally and strategically. He says he loves the game too much not to fight to stay and even if he has to win nine immunities in a row at least he’ll be making it fun.

Before the vote Mike asks Jeff to verify if what he’s holding is a hidden immunity idol. Jeff says he can’t verify it until he decides to play it.

While they’re voting, both Tyler and Rodney admit that they have no idea what’s going on. Sounds about right.

The votes are tied between Joe and Jenn with four votes apiece (and Jenn’s vote for Dan). But Shirin decided to vote like Mike told her and Joe goes home.

While it was probably the right move strategically, it sucks to see someone who really wants to be there go home while someone who doesn’t care gets to stay. At least the “no collars” will have some fun at the Ponderosa.
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