Dancing with the Stars is once again celebrating Disney Night, but one couple won’t have a happy ending. It’s time for another couple to get eliminated, and after Riker Lynch and Willow Shields were placed in jeopardy last week, it has everyone on edge.

Still, the leaderboard can tell us a lot. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Nastia Liukin and Rumer Willis are dual frontrunners to win the season with Riker and Willow hot on their tails. Robert Herjavec and Noah Galloway are solidly behind them, leaving three couples at the bottom. It’s also important to note that, every week so far, the eliminated couple has been one of the bottom two on the leaderboard.

'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Will Go Home in Week 5?

So who will be the Bambi’s mom or Simba’s dad of Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars season 20? Here’s my breakdown.


39: Willow Shields
36: Nastia Liukin
35: Rumer Willis
34: Riker Lynch, Robert Herjavec
32: Noah Galloway
30: Patti LaBelle
28: Suzanne Somers
27: Chris Soules


Despite being in jeopardy, Willow Shields scored a (totally undeserved) 39 and will easily survive another week. Nastia Liukin is safe as always, as is Rumer Willis since those are the two biggest favorites to win the Mirror Ball. And while Noah Galloway didn’t get the best scores, he performed last and has about three major voting blocs covered: Conservatives, people who like inspirational stories and people who love hot, shirtless dudes. That’s more than enough to keep him around.


Robert Herjavec stepped up his game and got his best scores of the season while paying an emotional tribute to his late mother, but I’m still not willing to call him a sure-thing quite yet. Riker Lynch was the last to be called safe, which should help rally his fans, but his routine wasn’t all that memorable, which has me slightly worried. But getting strong scores should keep him around.


The three lowest scores of last week are also the three couples with the lowest combined scores from the whole season. There’s no denying that Suzanne Somers, Patti LaBelle and Chris Soules are at the bottom and deserve to be the next three couples eliminated, regardless of the order.

Suzanne had great nostalgia factor with Three’s Company, but the Foxtrot isn’t the most compelling style. Patti is still the worst dancer, but she’s extremely entertaining and if getting the lowest score doesn’t even put her in jeopardy, she probably won’t have much to worry about this week. Then there’s Chris, a bland guy whose only real hope of survival is that people who watched The Bachelor still care about him.


I predict that Chris Soules and Witney Carson will be eliminated. They barely scraped by last week thanks to a huge comeback in the performance and scores, but now he’s at the bottom of the leaderboard. So far this season the eliminated pair has always been one of the two lowest scores on the leaderboard, so it’s really just a battle between Suzanne and Chris, with John Ritter trumping Chris’ current fiancee.

Find out who goes home on Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars season 20 Monday, April 13 at 8pm on ABC.


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