Bethenny made her return during the season 7 premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City, but now she’s got to socialize with some old and some new castmates in “New House, Old Grudges.” Let’s sit back and watch the fireworks in the Hamptons.

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The Start of the Long Weekend

Carole and Heather are back together! And they’re taking the trip to the Hamptons in style. They talk about Ramona and how she’s been more open now that she’s going through a divorce. They talk about how Sonja has ceased to live in New York and now currently resides in the clouds. And they talk about how happy they are for LuAnn, who is moving on with her life after her marriage and relationship with Jacques and living her own life in her own home.

Ramona and Dorinda visit the Hamptons as well, at Ramona’s second home. She has a lot of memories there and the place is decorated with pictures of her family, which is a little sad. Dorinda thinks that Ramona is a good person who didn’t deserve to be cheated on. She says that if someone wants out of a marriage, they should leave instead of embarrassing their partner in the tabloids. Preach, girl.

Ramona also tells Dorinda that she’s invited Sonja, but she’s been frustrated with her lately. Now that she’s going through some real issues, she’s found that Sonja hardly wants to confront real world problems (even when they’re not her own), so it seems like their friendship is more superficial.

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An Overdue Apology

At LuAnn’s estate sale for her old Hamptons home, she gets a bit emotional to see strangers going through her things. And to make it even stranger, Ramona pulls her aside when she gets there to apologize.

She tells LuAnn that she’s walked a mile in her shoes and now that she knows what it’s like to go through such a public divorce, she wants to genuinely apologize for the hurtful things she’s said to LuAnn. She says it was callous and unfeeling and she really is sorry. LuAnn accepts her apology and feels like it’s heartfelt, but she’s still going to be cautious with Ramona.

In the city, Bethenny is still scurrying around trying to make us feel sorry for her because she’s working in her car. It must be so rough having that much money and just waiting for your newly renovated high-rise to be ready.

Back in the Hamptons, Sonja arrives in a whirlwind, barely pausing to introduce her to Dorinda. She starts going on about her home in France and her healing energy and a bunch of other crap. She gets mad at Ramona for putting her in the room in the basement instead of her usual room but claims not to be mad. Basically, Sonja is up to her usual antics.

When the three go to lunch the next day, Sonja can’t stop bringing up Mario. She’s so tactless. We also get to meet Tanya, Ramona’s younger sister who looks like Ramona with softer facial features. It’s nice to see that Ramona has a support system outside of Sonja and, frankly, outside of this show.

Carole and Heather gush over LuAnn’s charming new cottage, and Carole gushes over her personal chef, Adam (he’s really hot!). LuAnn is enjoying the time she has left with her son Noel, who is heading off to college soon.

LuAnn tells the ladies, and Kristen too after she arrives, about Ramona’s apology. They’re all impressed with Ramona’s growth, even if it is a result of something bad that’s happened to her.

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Bitches Who Brunch

The ladies arrive at LuAnn’s home one by one for her party. Her new home is cozy with a beautiful view of the water. The word “cozy” is derogatory to Lady Sonja Morgan, though, who doesn’t think the new house is up to Countess standards. Then again, that’s coming from someone who pulled a Corona out of her purse and poured it into a wine glass with ice. So maybe she’s not the best person to decide what’s classy.

Bethenny shows up and everyone starts acting weird. Heather tells her she needs to give LuAnn a car for “helping” her invent Skinny Girl margaritas. Carole doesn’t realize that she needs to introduce herself because she feels like she knows her from TV. Dorinda says she likes her masculine energy.

But nothing is stranger than Ramona’s reaction to Bethenny. Carole calls it a “battle of alpha dogs.” First, Ramona brags about “keeping the company of men.” While Ramona insists that it just means she’s dating, Bethenny thinks it sounds like she’s sleeping around, which is unlike Ramona.

Then Bethenny tries to casually invite the ladies to brunch the next day, and Ramona flips out when Sonja agrees. She tells Sonja that she’s a guest in her home and she’s not going to any brunch that she doesn’t approve of. Bethenny can’t believe that Ramona spoke to Sonja like that. She chooses not to engage in the conversation, so she goes to leave.

But the conversation follows her. Ramona says that she meant to send an e-mail to everyone to invite them to brunch, but apparently it never went out so no one knew about her already-planned brunch. She tries to start fresh with Bethenny, but Bethenny thinks the whole thing is just so bizarre, and she tells Ramona she just doesn’t want to see her anymore.

Ramona is stunned and tells a perfectly level-headed Bethenny that she needs to take a deep breath and calm down. Bethenny just walks away while Ramona is still talking at her, which honestly has to be the best way to deal with her.

The only problem is that now no one knows what the brunch plans are! To be continued!

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