The most important thing for an artist to do on The Voice is to pick the right song. Every single one of the contestants is talented. They can all sing. The distinction is that they have to be able to pick the right song for the right moment. This was a live show all about song choice. While most artists worked together with their coaches to pick songs that truly captivated their talents, others faltered. So let’s see who made the right choices, the wrong ones and who should be in the Top 10.

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Who’s Safe?

Brian Johnson: I wasn’t overtly surprised that Adam had to step in and save him last time because his song choice wasn’t amazing. I’m really glad that Adam did save him because this was a much more memorable performance. The song challenged him while showing off the strengths of his voice.

Mia Z: Mia has such an interesting voice that I’m pretty sure she could sing anything and make it sound unique. Regardless, a Mick Jagger song was an inspired choice. It wasn’t as bombastic as a Jagger/Rolling Stones performance would have been, but it didn’t have to be. Mia made it her own and worked it out.

Corey Kent White: It’s clear that since country artists have been so successful on The Voice, the audience are big country fans. Corey has a great country singing voice, so he’s a natural fit for the Top 10. Sadly, you can’t hear him when the screaming girls are screeching. It doesn’t matter, though, because those screaming girls are going to vote him into the next stage.

Sawyer Fredericks: If you look up ambitious in the dictionary, singing a John Lennon song on national television is listed as an example. Sawyer pulled it off too. It doesn’t even matter that his voice cracked in the middle of the performance. In fact, his recovery of that mistake just proved how fully formed his identity is at just 16 years old. 

Joshua Davis: Adam’s decision to push Joshua out of his comfort zone paid off. It managed to show a different side to him but still maintained that same soothing quality. 

Meghan Linsey: I’m with Pharrell — there isn’t much to say when it comes to Meghan. She’s one of the most experienced singers in the competition and that experience equates to vocal polish and talent. She gives consistently great performances and knows her exact strengths and how to implement them.   

Kimberly Nichole: Kimberly gave the performance a lot of the other contestants were trying to give throughout the night. Many of the singers tried to deliver powerhouse performances in vocals and presentation. They fell short in one area or the other, whereas Kimberly managed to do both. Unless there is a disastrous performance in the future, Kimberly is going to make not only the Top 10, but the finals on The Voice as well.

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Who’s in Danger?

For the record, I think all three of these ladies are probably safe and they deserve it. They were just on the weaker side of who I think will become the Top 10.  

India Carney: I really like India’s voice, but “Take Me to Church” was not the right choice. It has nothing to do with it being a male song and everything to do with it not suiting her voice. She has too clean a voice to attempt such a gritty song. I liked the concept of her inhibiting an evil character during the performance, but it did not translate.  

Koryn Hawthorne: In the first round of the live shows, Koryn’s performance left something to be desired despite her talent. I’m glad Pharrell saved her because this was a much better performance. She just got a bit too caught up in the emotions. There were a couple of vocal flubs as a result.  

Deanna Johnson: Deanna surprised me last time when she turned out one of the best performances. Her latest one might have been a bit softer in the beginning, but it was a solid performance. It was a bit too similar to her previous performance and may not connect with the audience as much the second time. 

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Who’s Going Home?

Hannah Kirby: I was at a loss to explain why Blake chose to bring her to the Top 12. I still don’t understand. She does give energetic performances, but there are much better singers on The Voice

Rob Taylor: I was similarly confused when Christina saved Rob last time. He has an incredible falsetto, but I haven’t seen range beyond that. I don’t think he’s being allowed to grow as a performer. The big moments are always him hitting those high notes and everything else is good but unremarkable.

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