Last time on the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart, we were introduced to the contestants on the three tribes separated by work ethic and lifestyle. We have the corporate minds on the white collar tribe, the laborers on the blue collar tribe and the free spirits on the no collar tribe. Let’s continue to see the affect these classifications have on the game.

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Blue Collar (Escameca)

Dan is already an outsider on the blue collar team, so it doesn’t help that he’s lost his underwear in the ocean. Although I have to be honest, I’m not so sad to see his “manties” go, his makeshift shirt/short combo isn’t much of an improvement. Lindsey thinks it’s a ploy by Dan to make people think he’s amusing. She just can’t wait until they go to Tribal Council so she can vote him out.

Mike gets a little frustrated that his tribe isn’t as hardworking as he is. He thinks they need to help him with chores around camp around the clock, he even wakes people up to help him. Rodney, who is familiar with a blue collar work ethic, thinks Mike is overdoing it and he needs to relax a little. He isn’t the boss out here and all of them are playing a game and they need to have time to have fun too.

White Collar (Masaya)

It’s day four and the white collar tribe has only just now started a fire. Max says they struggle with the day-to-day in a way that the other tribes probably don’t since they’re not used to working with their hands.

One thing that distracts them from camp life is Max and Shirin’s nudity. Max is a fan of the game and he thinks being naked is a good strategy. And since Max is such a trendsetter, Shirin goes along with him (but only halfway; she just takes her bottoms off for some reason). They both say it’s freeing and a good excuse to get some alone time, but it makes the rest of their tribe members uncomfortable.

No Collar (Nagarote)

Hali claims she’s trying to get to know Nina better, but it’s hard because she’s deaf. I think it also has a little to do with their age difference, but that’s not something either one of them will admit.

Hali and Jenn decide to go skinny dipping (so much naked in this episode) without even inviting Nina. When they come back, she has a bit of a meltdown accusing them of leaving her out. She storms off and has a moment while Jenn and Hali snicker about making a grown woman cry behind her back. Jenn even has the gall to say that Nina’s used to having people coddle her, which isn’t going to happen in this game. You think she has it easier because she has a disability? Real nice.

Will likes Nina but he thinks she’s put a target on her back now. But it brings Nina and Vince closer together. Vince still doesn’t like Joe because he’s competing with him for alpha male status so he makes an alliance that supposedly includes Nina and Will, although Will doesn’t seem to be fully aware of it. And even if he is, they’re not as tight as the other three members of the tribe.

Vince has a weird confrontation with Joe. His masculinity or leadership or whatever is threatened by Joe. I’m not even sure what Vince wants from Joe. I think he’s asking Joe just to agree to the fact that he’s disrespected Vince and all “his ideas” since the beginning. I’m not even sure I entirely I understand. It’s one of the more bizarre interactions I’ve seen on this show.

Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge this episode, the survivors have to dive into the water, swim to a platform, free a buoy and then maneuver the buoy through the water. The survivors will go one at a time like a relay. Once they have all five of their buoys at the finish, they have to untie them and throw them into a basket. First two tribes to put their buoys in the basket win immunity and fishing gear.

Dan makes it clear that he wants to participate in this challenge, so they sit Kelly instead. He doesn’t disappoint his tribe at all. He’s the first one to finish his leg going up against Tyler and Joaquin.

Blue collar and no collar are tied for most of the race. Until Will gets caught in the buoy obstacle course in the water and takes forever to finish. It leaves room for Shirin and Max to make up time for the white collars.

The white collars are the first to start shooting their buoys, and of course Joaquin is awesome at shooting hoops because it’s such a bro thing to be awesome at. He wins immunity for the white collars.

Joe manages to make up time after Will’s fiasco so the no collars and the blue collars are shooting at the same time. Except Sierra manages to get all five buoys in the basket before anyone on the no collar tribe can get one.

Blue collars also win immunity and no collars are heading to Tribal Council.

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Loser Camp

Hali is bummed they lost the challenge because now they’ll have to make a decision, and that’s not something they excel at as no collars. Joe takes the lead though and tells Jenn, Hali and Will to split the votes between Vince and Nina, in case Nina has an idol. It’s a stretch to think that Nina might have an idol. It seems like splitting the votes is an unnecessary risk at this point in the game and leaves that alliance more vulnerable so this is a questionable decision, I think.

Will is also an unknown factor in Joe’s plan. He says he doesn’t want to vote for Nina because she’s been his friend in this game.

Vince and Nina chat about possibly voting for Vince. But Vince knows they need to keep the tribe strong so he thinks they should consider voting out Will because of his poor performance in the challenge and his apparent exhaustion.

When Will and Vince talk, Will tells Vince about Joe’s plan to split the votes. They think that they should vote for Jenn so they can keep their tribe strong and still control the votes going forward.

But when Nina talks to Will, she tells him about Vince’s concern that he’s not healthy enough to compete. Now Will isn’t sure which alliance to go with because he doesn’t know if he can trust Vince any more.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks about the group dynamic and Jenn admits that she, Hali and Joe are tight. Nina says it’s tough being the person on the outside of that and Jenn tells her that it’s just something she’s going to have to deal with. That one sure does have a lot of compassion.

Vince says he’s in the middle of everything but that means he’s the “glue” of the tribe. You can almost see the eye rolls across America as well as you can see the ones sitting around that fire.

Will says he does feel a little uncomfortable tonight knowing he performed poorly in the challenge. But all he can hope for is to survive another day. That’s all any of us can hope for Will.

In the end, it’s Joe’s plan that goes through. Vince and Nina vote for Jenn, Joe votes for Nina, and Jenn, Hali and Will vote for Vince. Will decided to go with the young alliance after all.

Vince is voted out in yet another blindside.

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