Hell’s Kitchen is back for season 14 with Chef Gordon Ramsay as its head. Always seeking perfection, Ramsay always has one chef on Hell’s Kitchen rise to the top. First, though, he has to separate the good from the bad and, well, we all know how he does it. Andi and James are along as sous chefs, so they will be a big help. With 18 new chefs, one is bound to be able to meet Ramsay’s standards.

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Arrival and Signature Dishes

After a brief history of the show, we’re shown the new group of chefs. We see fighters, whiners, fire trucks and Ramsay in the dorms? Arriving at the restaurant, the chefs find the doors locked and Ramsay greets them from the roof. This year’s Hell’s Kitchen, he says, will be the most difficult ever.

The wall spins around and Ramsay is going to jump off the roof and land on an airbag. Of course, he isn’t. After dropping a ladder, he comes out the front door. After asking for volunteers to jump, Enrique and Ruth do. Ramsay asks the other chefs if they want to and everyone raises their hands. No one will have to try it because Enrique and Ruth are stunt people.

Now it’s signature dish time with an audience watching. Once again, it is men (blue) versus women (red). Both teams get off to a great start and keep the score tied for two rounds, but the score continues to change as the dishes are sampled. While Megan gives the ladies a perfect score, Monique’s score gives the win to the men. The men will take the limo (bus) to meet a Hollywood legend from TV and film. Ramsay, though, doesn’t tell them who is it. The ladies must reset the dining room and mail out reservation confirmations.

The Reward and the Punishment

The limo leaves and the ladies start complaining. They immediately turn on Monique for her sauce. Isn’t it a little early for the blame game, ladies? The men, meanwhile, enter Saint Rocke where they meet William Shatner. I wonder if Shatner knows what he’s facing. He gives everyone a notebook of what they will be cooking in the restaurant. The women, meanwhile, don’t seem to know how to count, much less set a table, but here comes Marino to take them to stuff envelopes.

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Dinner Service

James and Andi start giving instructions the next day as the teams prepare for dinner service. While the women seem confident, a few are having problems. Ramsay calls the teams together and asks for their “A” game. Marino opens the door and we’re off.

The celebrities are dining and Ramsay has decided to put two chefs on the floor doing table side serving. The ladies get the first order, which goes out quickly. The men, though, are getting off to a slower start, with their risotto needing more salt and butter, and their scallops being undercooked. While Andi can’t believe what is going on in the kitchen among the team, Chrissa isn’t making her team happy because the others feel like she’s in over her head.

The ladies are now moving on to entrees, while the men are still trying to get their first appetizers out. First, it was risotto, now it is scallops. Whoops, Ramsay already is threatening to throw the Blue Team out of the kitchen if they make one more mistake. Finally, the men’s appetizers go out.

With entrees going out of the ladies’ side, the lamb is raw for Dean McDermott’s table. The men are now on entrees and they’re trying not to make mistakes. Of course, they do. Oh no, another raw lamb on the ladies’ side has arrived at the pass! The ladies’ oven is off, so nothing is cooking. The ladies have six people working on the lamb. Guess they think there is strength in numbers. And the first team to depart the kitchen is … the Red Team! Can the Blue Team be far behind?

As the women fight upstairs, Ramsay prepares McDermott’s table. The men have gotten their second wind and their dishes are flying out of the kitchen. Ramsay gives them a “well done” as their dinner service is finished. Andi goes upstairs to get the Red Team, but Ramsay announces that they have lost before they reach the kitchen.

The Judgment and Departure

Upstairs, the women fight over who should depart. Wait a minute, we have a bully showing their face on the women’s team. That usually happens early on the men’s team. Chrissa immediately brings down the ire of everyone on the team,  but will she be the nominee?

Facing Ramsey, Alison is asked who the nominees are. She replies that they are Monique and Chrissa. No surprise there, but Ramsay seems surprised with Chrissa as a nominee. He adds Christine, who immediately gets the question about the meat. Monique tells Ramsay she put the meat in a cold oven. Monique turns on Chrissa, as does Christine. Ramsay sends Monique back in line, leaving Christine and Chrissa. Ramsay sends Chrissa out as the first chef eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen season 14. Chrissa leaves with her head high and says she’s a beast in the kitchen. Ramsay warns the teams to take the competition seriously

Next time on Hell’s Kitchen, are two of the chefs falling in love? And the men see jealousy in the kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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