We’re back on The Voice! In the previous episode, The Voice continued with the Blind Auditions. Christina, Pharrell and Blake each added three artists, while Adam made a major comeback with five. As the teams start filling up, the coaches are going to have to start making some tough decisions about who they let in.

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Ashley Morgan (“I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”)

Ashley Morgan has been working as a backup artist. She’s used to supporting other people, but she’s ready to go solo.

Ashley gives an energetic performance of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” and gets Blake and Pharrell to turn around. Blake is so into it the whole time. He and Pharrell even both stand up during her performance. “She’s never gonna go back to singing background again,” Blake says. Blake and Pharrell start to duke it out. “Dude, you’re dead,” Adam tells Pharrell as Blake goes on and on to Ashley. Blake even ends it by telling Ashley that he loves her. Does Pharrell even have a chance? He gives it a try. He asks Ashley what kind of music she wants to make. She doesn’t quite know, but she wants to have an impact. Christina even speaks up for Pharrell, and in the end, Ashley goes with Pharrell!

Result: Ashley chooses Pharrell

Koryn Hawthorne (“My Kind of Love”)

Koryn Hawthorne is a 16-year-old who works part-time at a pizza shop. She loves to sing at her job. She also joined Louisiana Kids, where she can sing for people such as at a nursing home. She loves bringing joy to these people. Her mom raised her and her brother as a single parent, and she’s so proud of Koryn. Her mom even starts tearing up.

Koryn sings “My Kind of Love.” It doesn’t look like she’s going to turn any chairs, but Christina finally pushes her button. Then Pharrell pushes his button and Adam gives him a high five. Christina and Pharrell are fighting it out for the first time on The Voice. They’re all shocked that Koryn’s 16 and Adam calls her “bonkers mature.” So will she pick Pharrell or Christina?

Christina wants to hear Koryn’s story, while Pharrell loves how much humility she has. Blake and Adam keep urging Pharrell and Christina on, but Pharrell says they should hug it out, and they do. So then Adam and Blake hug it out. Adam stands between Pharrell and Christina and grab their hands as they wait for Koryn’s decision, and she goes with Christina! I think they’ll be great together.

Result: Koryn chooses Christina

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Lexi Davila (“Dreaming of You”)

Lexi Davila is 17 years old and is really nervous to meet celebrities. Music’s always been a really big part of her life and she’s really close with her family. She loves choir and talks about getting the Spanish solo and singing it for her grandfather right before he died.

Lexi sings “Dreaming of You” and Adam turns and whispers, “She’s got a good voice, but young,” to Blake. But he hits his button. Then Blake turns around too. Pharrell doesn’t push because he heard her nerves, but he helps her breathe through it. “Did we just get hypnotized?” Blake asks.

Christina says that her coach should mold and help her. Adam says that he could tell she was young and there were things that weren’t great. Her big notes were amazing, though, and she can improve. Blake agrees. Lexi has so much potential. Blake and Adam, of course, start bickering, but Lexi has a choice to make. She’d be honored to be with either of them, but Lexi goes with Adam and he has no problem flaunting it in Blake’s face.

Result: Lexi chooses Adam

Josh Batstone (“Amnesia”)

Blake and Adam go head to head with Josh Bastone, who sings “Amnesia.” He chooses Adam.

Result: Josh chooses Adam

Katelyn Read (“Breathe (2 AM)”)

Katelyn Read performs “Breathe (2 AM)” and gets Christina to turn her chair around.

Result: Katelyn chooses Christina

Ameera Delandro (“I’d Rather Go Blind”)

Ameera Delandro, who performs “I’d Rather Go Blind,” gets Christina to turn her chair around.

Result: Ameera chooses Christina

Bay Brooks (“All of the Stars”)

Bay Brooks, who performs “All of the Stars,” gets Blake to turn his chair around.

Result: Bay chooses Blake

Quincy Mumford (“Dancing Machine”)

Newlywed Quincy Mumford always wanted to get into music. He went through all of the different stages, including punk. He has a band that melds different genres and met his wife at a show. She’s from Sweden and was actually going back home. They traveled back and forth for two years and got married. Quincy works at his parents’ cafe and teaches music lessons.

Quincy performs “Dancing Machine” and Pharrell says, “He’s got something,” while Adam says, “Almost,” but nobody turns their chair around. There was something there, but Adam says this was a high-pressure situation and Christina had a problem with the inflections. Blake, meanwhile, says that there was no heart. Quincy wants to come back next year, though.

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Brenna Yaeger (“The House That Built Me”)

Brenna Yaeger grew up with a large family in a log cabin her father built. They had a lot of animals including a bull. She shared a room with her siblings and a bed with her sister and her sister sang to her, which made her love music. Her parents separated and they had to leave the log home, but music helped her through it. She played at bars and weddings, but she needed a real job, so she works at the general store.

Brenna sings “The House That Built Me” and is pretty nervous to sing a Miranda Lambert song in front of Blake, but the song means so much to her because it reminds her of the log cabin. Blake better turn for her, but when Brenna sings the word “Adam,” Adam knows he has to push his button. Finally, Blake turns around at the end, and Brenna starts crying. “That’s not fair,” Adam says. “She is country,” Blake says. “I know,” Adam replies.

Brenna’s shaking so much that Adam just has to go hug her and help her breathe. Brenna even has the song tattooed on her foot with her sisters. Adam has to go hug her again. He is not a happy camper. Adam says that he and Blake love each other and he could turn to Blake for help if he needs it, even if they are fighting over her right now. In the end, Brenna chooses Blake. She’s where she should be. “You should be so proud of yourself. She has her name tattooed on her ankle,” Adam tells Blake.

Result: Brenna chooses Blake

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Gaynor (“Superstar”)

Carson goes to West Point to meet Staff Sgt. Jeremy Gaynor, who is the male lead vocalist for the West Point band. The army is a family tradition for him. He tried to have a music career, and he joined the Army when it didn’t work out, but there’s so much you can do in the Army such as the West Point band, which is the oldest musical group in the Army. Jeremy’s wife is pregnant, and he wants to build a future for his family.

Jeremy performs “Superstar,” and Christina turns her chair around pretty quickly. Then Pharrell and Adam push their buttons at the same time. Finally, Blake turns his chair around too. And the fight is on. “I love you too,” Christina yells out at the end. “I was first. I was first.” Blake calls him “a stud.” “So creepy,” Christina says. All four coaches say their peace, but Christina just keeps going. Christina’s dad was a sergeant in the Army and she really wants him on her team, and in the end, Jeremy does go with her. He thought he’d go with Adam, but Christina won him over.

Result: Jeremy chooses Christina

Adam and Blake’s Plan

Adam and Blake decide that they should team up against Christina and Pharrell. If one of them is up against Christina and/or Pharrell, they’ll talk the other up.

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Jack Gregori (“Ring of Fire”)

Jack Gregori’s family didn’t want him to start playing music right out of high school, so he studied business and then went to law school. He had a company, but then the market crashed and he lost everything. He realized that all of that money wasn’t the key to happiness, so he started playing more music. He has to rent the other rooms in his house out. He also has a band.

Jack performs “Ring of Fire” and Adam is so into it. “I love this guy,” Adam says as he pushes his button. He’s so happy when nobody else turns their chair. Adam tells Jack that they’re going to talk, but he needs to tell Blake he’s “small brained” first. Blake explains that Jack is perfect for Adam because Adam’s dream is to beat Blake with a country artist, so he’s letting him go.

Result: Jack chooses Adam

Briar Jonnee (“Take a Bow”)

Briar Jonnee comes from a really small town. They don’t even have a grocery store. She started singing in church as a child because her mom was a choir director. She wanted to be an artist, but she didn’t think it was possible coming from a small town, and her school didn’t have a music program, so she auditioned for a performing arts high school three hours away. Now she’s a journalism major as a backup plan.

Briar performs “Take a Bow.” Pharrell and Blake look at each other and push their buttons at the same time. Blake is so excited that he won’t stop clapping. Briar starts crying and Christina tells Pharrell to give her a hug. “Please,” Briar says. Blake says that Briar’s a country girl. They’re the perfect match. Then the coaches argue over whether Pharrell limps or not. Christina and Adam even show “the Pharrell walk.”

Finally, they get back to Briar. Pharrell talks about Briar’s nerves and how she holds things back. They can work on that. “I can’t stand you. You and your fake limp,” Blake tells Pharrell. In the end, Briar says she’d be honored with anyone, but she goes with Pharrell. And, of course, he limps up to her and hugs her. Then Blake limps up to her and wishes Briar luck.

Result: Briar chooses Pharrell

Jess Gallo (“Stolen Dance”)

Jess Gallo works as a dishwasher at a restaurant where her dad is a head chef. Jess talks about being gay and feeling isolated. Her mom put her into musical theater to get her out of her shell and she loved it. After getting positive feedback, she made the decision to come out and her parents were totally supportive. Her dad likes girls too.

Jess performs “Stolen Dance” but doesn’t turn any chairs. Blake says she has a cool, different sound, but the song didn’t let her open up. Pharrell says she should come back, while Adam says it was too much fun and Christina agrees.

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Brian Johnson (“Reason to Believe”)

Brian Johnson joined the choir in middle school. He was known as the chubby kid with a high voice and felt rejected. Things really turned around in college, though, and he started a band. His dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, his parents eventually separated and they lost the house, so Brian moved home to help his dad and got a job in insurance. He also married his high school sweetheart. “She loves me when I feel unlovable,” Brian says.

Brian performs “Reason to Believe,” and Adam turns around before he even gets his first word out. Then Blake turns his chair around. Blake and Adam battle it out. Adam talks about how he really drew everyone in and Blake talks about how he sang with heart. Blake has no one else on his team like Brian. Brian had said he listened to Maroon Five and wanted Adam to turn, but he chooses Blake! Adam does not handle it well.

Result: Brian chooses Blake

Corey Kent White (“Chicken Fried”)

Corey Kent White started getting into music at age 8 and played shows at 11. Then he became the lead vocalist for a western swing group. The rest of the group went to college, and he got left behind. At one point, Corey went to a concert and got to sing with Willie Nelson. Now he’s playing the college circuit.

Corey performs “Chicken Fried” and the coaches argue over who should push their button. Finally, Pharrell and Blake push their buttons at the end. Pharrell says he works in different genres of music, but Blake, of course, is country. “Uh oh,” both Christina and Adam say. Pharrell’s screwed. But Pharrell steps up. He walks right up to Corey and Adam comes up to support him. He really makes his case. “Look at the tapes. See who pressed the button first,” Pharrell says. Adam even treats it as a trial and argues against Blake. He is not following their pact. In the end, Corey has to go with Blake.

Result: Corey chooses Blake


In the end, Adam gets three new artists, Blake gets four new artists, Christina gets four artists and Pharrell gets two.

Team Adam: Lexi Davila, Josh Bastone, Jack Gregori

Team Blake: Bay Brooks, Brenna Yaeger, Brian Johnson, Corey Kent White

Team Christina: Koryn Hawthorne, Katelyn Read, Ameera Delandro, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Gaynor

Team Pharrell: Ashley Morgan, Briar Jonnee

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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