The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be in Amsterdam, but they definitely didn’t leave their problems back in the States. Kim still isn’t too happy being around her sister and everyone else (especially Lisa Rinna) is worried about Kim’s health. Why can’t the housewives ever just have a relaxing vacation?

Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen join the ladies in Amsterdam in this episode, “Amsterdamn!” Lisa Rinna is happy to see them after things have been so rocky on the trip. She tells them that Kim has been angry since they left Beverly Hills and she’ll probably come for Eileen next.

Yolanda is happy to have everyone in her home country. She’s happiest when she’s surrounded by her people and her culture. But when they all meet up to go to dinner, Kyle feels like there’s a negative energy clouding the group.

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At dinner, Yolanda wants to take a moment to talk about their lives. She talks about her daughter’s DUI and how it changed her. She has a humble moment where she admits that she doesn’t have a perfect life, and no one does, so no one should have to pretend like they do.

Lisa Rinna starts talking about how substance issues have plagued her life. When she was 6 and her sister was 21, her sister died of an overdose. She has an honest moment of sharing where she gets emotional and apologizes once again to Kim. She says if she has meddled in any way, it’s only because it’s a sore spot for her and she’s concerned.

Kim remains ice cold to her. She tells her she has meddled and there’s no excuse for it. She starts going off at her, telling her to stay out of her business. Eileen tries to come to Lisa’s defense and then Kim starts to go at Eileen. She tells her she doesn’t like anything about her, from her face to her phoniness, and she’s just a “beast” (ha!). Eileen points out that she’s the one who came to her home and acted like a crazy person at poker night and never even apologized.

Kyle tries to get in the middle, so Kim turns on Kyle. She says she should act like a “real sister” like Kathy (the other Richards sister) and have her back. Wow, it’s just word vomit of low blows coming out of Kim’s mouth right now.

Lisa Rinna tells Kim that it’s not okay to talk to people like that. Kim says if Lisa wants to get in her business, she’ll get in her business and talk about all the bad things about her husband that she doesn’t want to get out. Kim doesn’t allude to what dirty secrets she may have on Lisa’s husband, but at this point, Lisa’s had it. Lisa lunges at Kim and then throws wine and the glass at Kim. Yolanda pulls her off, and Lisa, Eileen and Kyle leave the restaurant crying. Kyle asks Kim how she can expect her to defend her actions when her actions are so indefensible.

After the fight, Kyle, Eileen and the Lisas gather in Kyle’s room. Kyle is basically inconsolable, but Lisa Vanderpump tells her she shouldn’t feel responsible for Kim. Eileen says it’s hard to see Kim treat Kyle like that as a sister. Lisa Rinna says she is absolutely done with Kim and will in no way ever talk to her again.

Yolanda tries to talk Kim down. She says that she understands why Kim is frustrated, but that is not the way you communicate with people, especially going after Lisa’s husband and family. Kim counters that argument by saying Lisa’s hurting her family by spreading rumors. Okay, well, I’m pretty sure Lisa Rinna wasn’t being malicious when she expressed concern about your sobriety, Kim.

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Making Amends

The next morning, Kim knocks on Lisa Rinna’s door. Lisa invites her in, apparently already going back on her decision never to speak to her again. Kim says she thought they had ended the conversation on the plane and it infuriated her when she brought it up at dinner again. She says her sobriety is the most important thing in her life and she doesn’t like a mere acquaintance questioning it or talking about it with other people.

Lisa says she understands why she must have been upset, but Kim was out of line last night. They seem to come to an understanding and agree to put things aside. Lisa says she’s learned her lesson and she’s backing off. She says Kim’s best friend Brandi can be the one to help her now.

Yolanda takes the ladies on a bike ride to see some windmills and then have tea at her mother’s. Yolanda’s happy to see that Lisa Rinna and Kim have put aside their differences. Kyle is still upset with Kim, but she’s just steering clear of her for today.

When they’re getting a tour of the windmills, the tour guide tells Yolanda he remembers her from when they dated. Yolanda says it may be her lyme disease-damaged brain, but she can’t even remember his name, let alone the kiss he alleges happened way back when.

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When in Amsterdam…

Visiting Yolanda’s mother and brother, Ans and Leo, they talk about the recreational options available in Amsterdam that aren’t necessarily legal in the US. They agree to go to a “coffee shop” that evening. Kim thinks that’s something that she’ll have to sit out.

Kim sitting out the evening’s activities seems to lift a cloud off the evening. Except now Brandi is pouting that no one is paying attention to her. At the coffee shop, she calls out the ladies for pretending like they’ve never smoke pot before when she knows they’re no angels. Kyle tells her not to talk about that kind of stuff because she doesn’t want her children to know she’s not perfect. She says it’s a “parenting decision.”

While this is an eye-roll worthy response from Kyle, Brandi continues to be petulant and annoying. She throws a fit in the street after they leave, calling all of the ladies hypocrites. Kyle says there’s a difference between them talking about Brandi’s bad behavior and Brandi merely saying things to hurt people. I hate to say it, but Kyle actually has a good point.

Next week, Brandi continues to be the worst and slaps Lisa Vanderpump. Her acting out clearly knows no bounds.

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