So far on Survivor: Worlds Apart, the white collar tribe and the no collar tribe have been to Tribal Council. Judging by the last episode, if the blue collar tribe is heading to Tribal soon, Mike will have a big target on his back for being too blue collar. So basically things are just starting to get interesting.

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No Collar

Joe and Jenn don’t really understand what happened at Tribal. They don’t seem too upset that Vince is gone, even though now Joe doesn’t know if he can trust Will. Will admits that he voted in his own best interest, which could put him on the outs with everyone left in his tribe.

After Tribal, Nina goes on another rant about how she knows she’s next to go so she wishes people won’t isolate her while she’s here. Jenn thinks it’s annoying that she’s once again calling attention to her disability and status as an outsider once again. She’s definitely not doing herself any favors.

The next day, Jenn and Hali use driftwood to surf (because, like, surfing is Hali’s number three passion in life, guys). Jenn thinks they’re displaying true no collar behavior.

Joe “provides” for the tribe by catching a little lizard. He also tries to nurture a relationship with Nina in case he needs her vote in the future. A smart move, especially if she survives until a merge or tribe shake-up, he’ll need her not to jump ship from an original no collar alliance.

White Collar

Shirin spends her morning talking to monkeys and watching them do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Then she spends the rest of her morning telling her tribe mates about it, much to the annoyance of Carolyn and Tyler.

Later Max, Shirin, Tyler and Joaquin look for the idol while Carolyn watches the fire because she already has it. Tyler knows she has it too, but it’s good to put in the effort of looking for it with everyone else. Shirin gets tired of looking so she suggests they make a truce to stop looking for it until after the next challenge. Joaquin is not okay with that. He says if she wants to stop looking, she can, but he knows he’s on the outs so he’s not going to stop.

Joaquin pulls Tyler aside to show him the clue he has to the idol. While Tyler already knows it’s been found, he thinks that it was a nice gesture for Joaquin to confide in him. As of now, he thinks that if they lose immunity, they’ll send Shirin home instead of Joaquin anyway. Shirin really seems to be grating on her tribe members’ nerves.

Blue Collar

Dan says his best quality is also his worst quality: his big mouth. Well I’m not sure I’d consider his big mouth a good quality at all, but he just really rubs me the wrong way. Maybe some people think he’s funny?

Rodney doesn’t think he’s funny though. After some mild back-and-forth between the two, Dan crosses the line with an inappropriate “your mama” joke. Rodney tells him to watch his mouth and says if they were back in Boston, he’d have a real problem with Dan.

Rodney also gets into it with Mike after Mike rags on him about the work he does (or doesn’t do) around camp. Rodney says everyone pulls their weight, but he’s not in charge and he shouldn’t be bossing everyone around.

Although Rodney handles things like a child (by flipping Mike off behind his back and then throwing the wood on the pile in a tantrum), Mike isn’t helping things by getting into another fight with Lindsey. In her confessional, Lindsey says that in life blue collars tend to judge other people’s work ethic compared to their own, and it’s no different in Survivor. But she/s confident that she’s doing her share around camp.

Mike’s response to all this is to shout at everyone, “fine, vote me off,” which is a pretty lousy strategy. Even Rodney knows that this is a social game, and the amount of work you do around camp doesn’t translate into how far you go in the game.

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Immunity Challenge

Each tribe has to carry a large bucket through an obstacle course to a water tower. After they fill it with water, they have to bring it back through the obstacle course, while trying to plug holes with their fingers, to get as much water back to dump into another bucket as they can. First two tribes to finish win immunity and a comfort reward.

Right after filling their first bucket, Joe makes a questionable decision for the no collars. He sends Nina back over the obstacles before the rest of them so she’s not helping them move the bucket or plug holes. That’s really stupid because this is a challenge where the more hands on deck, the better. Even if they’re Nina’s hands.

The no collars fall way behind the other two tribes because of this weird strategy and because Will can barely keep up with the rest of his tribe. They were never even in this challenge.

The blue collars finish first, followed shortly by the white collars. The no collars are going back to Tribal Council.

Jeff doesn’t even wait until Tribal to ask them what gives. Joe responds that it was his mistake for underestimating Nina and he wishes he hadn’t.

Loser Camp

Back at camp, Joe takes full responsibility for losing the challenge. But something tells me he’s not the one going home this time. Joe seems to feel genuinely bad because he seems like a pretty honest person. It’s nice to see him be so honest, even if it’s only because he’s in the majority alliance that he feels comfortable doing so.

Will obviously lobbies to vote Nina out. But when Will walks away, Nina tells them they should vote for Will. Jenn and Hali know Will has been struggling the last two challenges and they don’t know if they can trust him after he switched his vote at last Tribal.

Tribal Council

Jeff calls Will out right away for making an individual decision so early in the game when he single-handedly decided Vince needed to go. Will seems unphased because I don’t think he really gets it. Joe says that sometimes in this game you don’t get opportunities to make up for your mistakes. He hopes he gets an opportunity to fix the mistake he made at the challenge.

Nina once again points out how she’s on the outs. She thinks that all her tribe mates see when they look at her is a disability. Joe says she seems to be misunderstanding them as much as she thinks they are misunderstanding her.

Nina says they’d be crazy to keep Will over her. She says she’s strong and she’s loyal, but Jenn says she doesn’t think she’s emotionally strong enough to say in this game.

Hali points out that she doesn’t seem to have the no collar flow that the rest of them have. She says if she’s going to stay in the game, she has to make adjustments if she wants to fit in. If she’s here to play, she has to stop complaining and actually play.

Nina admits it’s hard for her because she spent most of her life being a white collar so it may be harder for her. But she says she can take what they have to say and make the changes she needs to make to stay in this game.

Unfortunately for Nina, she’s not going to get the opportunity to correct her missteps. She’s the next to be voted out from the no collar tribe. In the end, Nina really did contribute to her own demise in this game.

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