We’re back with another night of the Battle Rounds on The Voice. Meghan Trainor, Ellie Goulding and Lionel Richie will be back as the artists battle it out. So far, Mia Z, Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Brian Johnson won their Battle Rounds and are moving on to the Knockouts, as well as Ashley Morgan, who Christina stole, and Joshua Davis, who Adam stole. Who else will be moving on to the Knockouts?

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Anthony Riley and Travis Ewing Perform “Get Ready”

Pharrell paired Anthony and Travis together because they’re both so soulful. Anthony has been performing “Get Ready” for years and seems so confident. Maybe he’s too confident, though, because that just makes Travis want to work harder. “I think we have a brawl,” Lionel Richie says. Anthony and Travis joke that they’re battling for Christina’s heart, which is cute.

Anthony and Travis battle it out performing “Get Ready,” and Anthony just seems so natural, but Travis is putting his all into it. Anthony shines during this performance, though. It’s pretty clear he’s going to win this. Adam admits that this would be a tough performance for Travis, but he did an amazing job. In the end, though, Adam would go with Anthony. Blake also says that Travis made it a real battle and should be rewarded for stepping up. Christina, meanwhile, would also vote for Anthony. Pharrell admits that it’s a tough decision, but of course he has to go with Anthony.

Result: Pharrell chooses Anthony

Blake Steals Travis

Blake obviously meant it when he said Travis should be rewarded for his battle because as Travis says his goodbye, Blake pushes his button. “You’re home now,” Blake says. “You’re home.” That’s sweet.

Result: Blake steals Travis

Checking in with Christina and Nick Jonas

We check in with Christina and her adviser, Nick Jonas. Christina is so excited to bring Nick in, especially since he has his hit single “Jealous” out right now.

Ameera Delandro and Sonic Perform “Masterpiece”

Ameera, who’s shy, is super nervous coming into the rehearsals for her battle with Sonic. Christina decides to give them the song “Masterpiece,” which I think is perfect for them, but Nick Jonas reminds them not to get too jumpy. Sonic’s a little nervous with her hearing and has trouble in rehearsals, so Christina gives her some homework to help her tune things out. Ameera, meanwhile, needs to get out of her head. And they both need to work on their performance and acting tough.

While both Ameera and Sonic were struggling during the rehearsals, their performance of “Masterpiece” is absolutely amazing. This is really tough, but I think Sonic’s just a little better and has more of a presence.

Pharrell says there were a couple of moments where it got pitchy with Ameera, but she was fighting so hard for it. Adam says the whole battle was like The Matrix, which I guess makes sense. He thinks it’s a pretty impossible decision but would go with Sonic. Blake likes both their hair and their voices, but he would go with Sonic too. In the end, Christina has to go with Sonic because she had a more accurate tone. Ameera starts crying and says a really emotional goodbye.

Result: Christina chooses Sonic

Gabriel Wolfchild and Joe Tolo Perform “For the First Time”

Team Christina’s Gabriel and Joe perform “For the First Time,” and Christina chooses Joe.

Result: Christina chooses Joe

Deanna Johnson and Nicolette Mare Perform “Love Me like You Do”

Team Adam’s Deanna and Nicolette perform “Love Me Like You Do,” and Adam goes with Deanna.

Result: Adam chooses Deanna

Josh Batstone and Nathan Hermida Perform “Thinking Out Loud”

Adam pairs Josh and Nathan to sing “Thinking Out Loud,” and Adam goes with Nathan in the end.

Result: Adam chooses Nathan

Checking in with Blake and Meghan Trainor

Blake and Meghan Trainor talk about all of her success and how awesome she is. She had one of the best selling singles, so Blake was excited to bring her in. Her music is just so catchy.

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Hannah Kirby and Sarah Potenza Perform “Gimme Shelter”

Hannah and Sarah are Blake’s “badass rock chicks” on his team, so of course they have to sing “Gimme Shelter.” Hannah’s nervous about being overshadowed, but she has such range that she can use and definitely ups her stage presence. Sarah, meanwhile, sometimes sounds like she’s yelling while she sings, but she has such a powerful voice. Meghan Trainor can’t understand how Blake can sleep when he has a tough choice to make. “I don’t. I drink,” Blake says.

Hannah and Sarah perform “Gimme Shelter” and it is amazing. They completely own that song. They both have such strong voices and completely do the song justice. They hug it out before their battle and then go all out. Pharrell seems really impressed with Hannah, mouthing “Wow.” I think this is the hardest battle of the night by far. Sarah has such a powerful voice, but Hannah’s fighting for this. Every coach is on their feet by the end.

Christina knew that Sarah would be great but says Hannah blew it out of the water too. Pharrell calls this a “straight-up duel” and is so impressed with Hannah. She ran across the stage and stole the moment from Sarah. “You are afraid of no one,” Pharrell says. Yes, Sarah blew them all away, but Hannah fought and fought for this, Adam says. She “came out swinging her purse like a Southern church lady,” Pharrell chimes in. They all expected Sarah to slay Hannah, but they’re shocked by how amazing Hannah was. In the end, though, Sarah was just better, and Blake goes with her.

Result: Blake chooses Sarah

Adam and Pharrell Try to Steal Hannah

Of course, they can’t let Hannah go. Adam and Pharrell both push their buttons and battle it out. Adam says if Sarah was Janis Joplin, Hannah was Stevie Nicks. Pharrell, meanwhile, says he won’t try to change her and that he’s never worked with someone like her before. I think she should go with Pharrell. He was so into it during the battle. And in the end, Hannah has to go with Pharrell.

 Result: Hannah chooses Pharrell

Blaze Johnson and Michael Leier Perform “Rude”

Adam pairs Blaze and Michael together, and they’re excited to see Ellie Goulding. Adam gives Blaze and Michael the song “Rude” by Magic!, who he’s going on tour with. Blaze has an island vibe while Michael has a lot of soul. Michael also has a really powerful voice, but he needs to work on control. Blaze, meanwhile, actually needs to hold some of his island roots back. He doesn’t need to put on a new face for each song. And they both need to relax and stop rushing. Adam gives Blaze and Michael some last-minute advice and they’re off to their battle.

Blaze and Michael perform “Rude,” which was on the radio every five minutes a few months ago. They both have unique sounds, but Blaze just seems like he’s in his element here.

Blake says that neither of them would have chosen this song, but they proved themselves. Christina wishes they would have relaxed a bit, while Pharrell agrees that it got intense, but Blaze opened up a little more. In the end, Adam has to go with Blaze.

Result: Adam chooses Blaze

Cody Wickline and Matt Snook Perform “How Country Feels”

Cody and Matt are battling against each other. These two are serious country singers, though, so Meghan Trainor has to prove that she knows country. Matt feels like he has an edge. He’s improved so much since his Blind Audition, but Cody’s voice is just effortless. However, he needs to work on making some eye contact. “You scared of me?” Meghan Trainor asks. He needs to have some fun and try to win the girl, so he starts looking at Meghan. Matt, meanwhile, needs to tone the confidence down. They also decide not to use their guitars so they can connect with the audience more.

Cody and Matt give an epic performance of “How Country Feels,” even getting the audience to clap along. Christina’s pretty into all their attention too. “I like how country feels. I felt really good,” Christina says. Matt has so much heart and a great energy and Cody is really clear and cute. Pharrell thinks Cody’s pretty rebellious while Matt sings his story. Adam, meanwhile, thinks this was a tough song, but Matt ultimately won the battle.

This is a really tough choice. I have no idea who Blake will choose. They both put so much into it. In then end, though, Blake has to go with Cody. Then Blake and Adam make fun of each other’s outfits.

Result: Blake chooses Cody

Meghan Linsey and Paul Pfau Perform “Don’t Let Me Down”

Pharrell puts Meghan and Paul together because they both experiment with music, and assigns them “Don’t Let Me Down,” which seems perfect for them. But what’ll be hard is for Meghan and Paul to make such a famous song their own. Lionel Richie tells them to think about the story more than the music. Meghan’s pulling from her experience being in a relationship with the person she was in a duo with and getting her heart broken. During rehearsals, Paul struggles and really wants to take the song down a little, but is nervous he would seem like he isn’t capable. Pharrell doesn’t want him to challenge himself just for the sake of it, though. Meghan, meanwhile, is afraid to engage and make eye contact. “For you, NBC means ‘Now Baby Come on,'” Pharrell says.

Meghan and Paul perform “Don’t Let Me Down,” with Paul performing without his guitar for the first time. And they kill it. They really make the song their own and they both have such unique voices and have amazing chemistry on stage. I think Meghan gives a better performance, though. Adam says Meghan has a powerful voice and that this wasn’t such a knockout song for Paul. Blake doesn’t want Pharrell to pick Meghan so he can steal her, while Christina says how hard it would be for Paul to sing against Meghan and that she would go with Meghan. In the end, Pharrell goes with Paul, which I cannot believe.

Result: Pharrell chooses Paul

Blake, Adam and Christina Try to Steal Meghan

Blake hits his button. Then Adam hits his, upsetting Blake. While Adam’s warming up for this battle, Christina sneaks in and hits her button. She just has to try. Of course, Meghan and Blake have a history, so it seems like she’ll go with him. Blake goes on and on about how much Adam has failed in the past. Adam then argues that Blake didn’t even turn around for Meghan during the Blind Auditions. Adam wants her more. In the end, Meghan has to go with Blake. Of course, she does.

Result: Meghan chooses Blake

Final Results

In the end, Anthony Riley, Sonic, Joe Tolo, Deanna Johnson, Nathan Hermida, Sarah Potenza, Blaze Johnson, Cody Wickline and Paul Pfau won their Battle Rounds and will proceed to the Knockouts, while Blake stole Travis Ewing and Meghan Linsey, and Pharrell stole Hannah Kirby.

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