Still recovering from last week’s episode with the double elimination? Don’t worry because all you need is a little dose from the hair of the Survivor dog. And after last week’s tribal switch out, the “worlds apart” theme is less relevant, but alliance drama is as active as ever. Let’s get to it.

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After Tribal, Shirin is shaken up since her BFF Max was sent home. Carolyn tells her that she hasn’t worked very hard to cultivate relationships in this game outside of Max and then Hali straight up tells Shirin that she’s been annoying to be around. It would be hard for anyone to hear this, but it’s hard for Shirin because she’s spent her whole life trying to fit in. Now she says she just needs to try to find someone else to play with; to adapt and survive.

On Escameca, Rodney and Joaquin have become fast friends. Rodney tells Joaquin that he doesn’t trust Mike because he’s a Bible thumper who he has nothing in common with. Rodney claims he’s in control of this game and that he’s going to the end. I’d be careful uttering those famous Survivor last words if I were him.

Reward Challenge

For today’s reward challenge, the tribes have to race up a tower of obstacles. Once they’re at the top they have to launch sandbags at six targets. Whichever tribe hits their targets first wins. The winning tribe will go to a beach where they’ll have a feast and then get to watch sea turtles lay eggs on the beach under the stars.

Escameca is off to a fast start on the physical part of the challenge, and as usual, Will is slowing Nagarote down. But Nagarote makes up for their lack of athleticism by acing it on the sling-shot portion. Jenn scores the winning point and the new Naragote wins its first challenge.


Shirin is happy for the reward because it gives her a chance to bond with her new tribemates. She hopes that if she can stay under the radar and get along well with people, she can play the game and try and get someone else out if they lose again. Carolyn thinks the reward is a big boost too. She notices that Shirin is less annoying without Max around.


Joaquin approaches Sierra about taking the old “blue collar” guys out. He tells Sierra that he and Tyler would like to work with her, but he isn’t sure about Joe because he thinks he’s too big of a threat to go far in the game. Now, Sierra likes Joaquin except for the fact that he is close with Rodney, who Sierra thinks is a big dope. So, she’s not sure what she’s going to do at this point.

Rodney tells Mike that he’s got Joaquin wrapped around his finger. He says they need to throw the next challenge so they can vote out Joe. Rodney is all but signing his own death sentence with this strategy. We all know what happens to people who throw challenges…

Mike knows very well what happens too, but he thinks it might be beneficial for them to do it anyway. He says it’s because he wants to keep Kelly safe on the other tribe. Newsflash: Kelly is doing okay without you.

Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge, each survivor has to go up against one person from the other tribe to memorize a series of items and then race back to their station to re-create what they saw from memory. The first of the two survivors to get it right, scores a point. The first tribe to earn three points wins immunity.

Rodney gets his first go-around wrong, but that may be just because he’s a dummy and Carolyn’s smarter, not because he’s throwing it.

Mike, however, is not as sneaky about it as Rodney. When he goes up against Kelly, neither one of them get it right the first two times. It’s embarrassing to watch. Finally, Mike tells Kelly that “he’s giving it to her” and she wins. Despite the ridiculous scene, Kelly says she trusts Mike more than ever now. 

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Loser Camp

Mike is not thrilled with himself after that display. He thinks that now that they’re going to Tribal, they will need to split up the Joaquin-Rodney power couple.

Rodney and Mike think they have Joe going home on lock. I’m still not sure why Joaquin and Tyler thought it necessary to get rid of Joe right away instead of using him and Sierra to break up the majority “blue collar” alliance. They’re basically already spending their million dollars. Okay, we’ll see about that.

Mike asks Joe if he’d be willing to vote with them tonight to get Joaquin out. Joe says he’ll vote for anyone if it gives him a chance to stick around. Mike says they’re going to have to get Sierra back which will be more difficult. Dan tries to make amends once again with Sierra, but he can’t help but be his normal condescending self. Sierra hates Dan and doesn’t want to work with him, but she also hates Rodney and doesn’t want to work with him either. If I were her, I’d try to use my swing position to get the guys to vote out Rodney.

Tribal Council

Joe says that it was apparent right away that there were cracks in the majority alliance, but it’s hard for him because he doesn’t have anyone to play with.

Sierra talks about how hard it is to get over the personal attacks that came from specifically Rodney and Dan after Lindsey was voted out. She thinks it’s ironic that now they need her vote and it leaves her in a position where she doesn’t know who she can trust.

The votes are even between Joe and Joaquin until the final vote is read for Joaquin. While I wish it were Rodney (you can’t just throw a challenge, brah), I’m glad Joe lives to see another day. And the funniest thing is watching Rodney’s baby brain try and figure out what just happened. I can’t wait to see his reaction next week. And the merge!

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