It’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 5 finale and it’s been quite the ride. Brandi is still dealing with the fallout from slapping Lisa Vanderpump in the face and Kim is still at odds with her sister Kyle. And it looks like it’s all coming to a head at the party thrown by former housewife Adrienne Maloof in “The Party’s Over.” Let’s see who gets the messiest at Adrienne’s party (my vote’s on Brandi).

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Family First

Kim and Kyle have breakfast in the desert in their matching caftans. They’re trying to pretend like everything is okay, but both admit in their confessionals that things are not okay. Kim says Kyle needs to treat her like a healthy adult, but Kyle doesn’t seem to see Kim in that light yet.

Lisa Rinna spends some time at home with her family. She realizes how important they are and how little what Kim said really matters, though she wishes she had reacted differently.

Nicky Hilton is having a book signing at — where else? — Kyle’s store. Kyle loves bragging about her famous nieces and how Nicky was on Vogue‘s best dressed list when she was only 15. Never mind that her friend Yolanda has two daughters who are way more famous in this decade than her nieces and manages not to brag about it every two seconds. But I guess that just isn’t Yolanda’s style.

Kyle fills Lisa and Camille in on what happened with Kim in the desert. She says it was intense, but she thinks they cleared some things up. Lisa tells Kyle that she’s going to need to be there for Kim when Brandi inevitably lets her down.

Wrap Party

Everyone is getting ready for Adrienne’s launch party (what she’s launching is still a mystery). Brandi’s feeling a bit emotional because her father just had open heart surgery and now she’s contractually obligated to go to a dumb party for a dumb reality show.

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t looking forward to seeing Brandi. She tells Ken that there isn’t anything Brandi can do or say to make things better. Eileen too feels like she has unresolved business with Brandi, but she feels over it.

The party is in full swing, but there’s still no appearance by Adrienne as of yet (she’ll appear on stage in a magic trick later on — no joke). But Camille seems to be getting on well with a Swedish prince, so that’s good.

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Trying to Resolve

Lisa Vanderpump tries to approach Brandi to tell her she’s sorry for what’s going on with her dad, but Brandi is completely emotionally unavailable. She’s a crying, stuttering mess and she whines her way through another half-hearted apology before literally stomping her feet and turning her head. But she does manage to have a moment of self-awareness when she says to Lisa, “I’m not a hypocrite, I’m a genuine a**hole.” I suppose the latter part of that statement is something everyone can agree on.

In other messes at the party, Kim confronts Lisa Rinna about what Kyle told her in the desert about Brandi saying she needed an intervention. Lisa tries to skirt the issue by not answering at all. She does admit to using the word “intervention,” although she says it was more complicated than that.

Kyle gets mad at Lisa Rinna for not backing up what she told her about Brandi. There’s a bunch of she-said/she-said going on, which is so stupid because none of this even sprung from a malicious conversation, but rather from two people who seemed to genuinely care about Kim’s health.

Lisa Rinna tells Kyle that she just doesn’t want to be involved anymore. But Kyle and Eileen convince her to try talking to Kim again and tell her the truth about her conversation with Brandi. Kim is not having it, though. She heard what she needed to hear from Lisa (nothing bad about her BFF Brandi) and that’s all she wants to hear.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna finds Brandi and apologizes to her for making a mess of things. I like this from Lisa, who seems to at this point have realized that she’s gotten in way over her head, especially when she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Brandi says she stands by what she said during that conversation and she knows that Lisa meant well.

Brandi and Kim sit down for a talk too. Brandi says that, yes, she and Lisa Rinna had a conversation about her, but it was coming from a good place. She says friendship means worrying about one another and they have each other’s back. Eventually, Lisa joins the conversation and admits that she’s learning to stay out of peoples’ business, but all of her concern came from seeing Kim firsthand on Poker Night.

Things seem to be okay, but Brandi doesn’t like how Kyle and Eileen are hovering and watching them talk. Brandi says they don’t really care about Kim and they need to just go away. Kyle tries to come over, but Brandi just storms off and out of the party.

That’s pretty much how things end, on a note of high tension. We learn from updates that poor Yolanda had another relapse with Lyme Disease and that Brandi’s dad is still recovering. We also learn that Kim and Kyle haven’t spoken since filming ended after Kim’s dog bit Kyle’s daughter. I’m sure we’ll learn all about that at the reunion.

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