Bruce Jenner hasn’t even gone under the knife yet for his rumored sex change operation but there are already talks about his post-transition plans. Word on the street is that the former Olympian is planning to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

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According to Radar Online, Bruce wants to make his debut as a woman on the ABC reality dancing show. 

“Bruce wants his debut as a woman to be big, and there is no better platform than going on Dancing With the Stars,” the source claimed. “He’s taking a cue from Chaz Bono. Bruce was so impressed with how he handled himself on that show.”

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“Recently Bruce had been in talks to appear on the current season, but the timing didn’t work out,” the source added. “Since he is planning on undergoing a sex change operation this summer, the fall would be a perfect time for Bruce to introduce himself to the world as a woman.”

Given that Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian have already competed on Dancing with the Star, the idea of Bruce joining the dancing show isn’t far-fetched. But as usual, take this rumor with a grain of salt. Gossip Cop is already claiming that the report about Bruce making his debut on Dancing with the Stars is false. 

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV