Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards aren’t exactly chummy on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it looks like the tension between these two housewives has already spilled over off camera and into social media.

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On Monday, March 23, Reality Tea revealed a series of Twitter rants from Rinna, who basically called out Richards for not writing her blog on Bravo. 

When one fan asked, “Why doesn’t Bravo ever address missing blog issue? Isn’t it part of the [Real Housewives] contracts?” Rinna replied “exactly.”

Rinna continued by saying only costar Yolanda Foster should be excused for not writing her blog due to her condition. “My guess is people who don’t write blogs have something to hide-this excludes [Yolanda Foster] who is battling Lyme. A thought,” she tweeted. “Or are they too inebriated to write a blog? You tell me.” 

Rinna initially did not single out Richards but eventually confirmed that she was talking about her after a fan encouraged her to name names. 

Rinna has since deleted the aforementioned tweets though she did allude to her actions by providing a few more tweets. 

“Clearly that was something bothering me. Got it off my chest now moving on,” she wrote.  “I will always speak my mind, if you don’t like it I’m sorry then don’t follow me. It’s simple easy breezy.”

“I do still own my tweets but deleted because the words weren’t kind and they didn’t need to remain on my timeline. I live and learn daily,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star added.

Why do you think Kim Richards doesn’t write her blog on Bravo?

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