It’s week two of Survivor: Worlds Apart, and the white-collar tribe has already put themselves at a disadvantage by voting out So. Not the smartest move for a bunch of implied smarty pants.

This early in the game it’s hard to predict, with any real confidence, who’s going to have their torch snuffed out by Jeff. And with three tribes, deciding who’s at risk is as much about my personal preference as much as anything else. Depending on which tribe screws the pooch come competition day, here are my picks for which tribe members are most likely to not succeed.

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Nagarote (No Collar)

Nagarote has one big problem, and it’s a coconut vendor whose choice of hair accessories cost some poor birds their beaks. Yes, I’m talking about Vince. For someone who’s supposed to be all about going with the flow, Vince is pretty high strung. He’s also easily threatened, requires constant reassurance and a bit handsy. He’s bumped heads with Joe and fallen in and out of love with Jenn. If Vince hopes to stick around, he needs to tone it down a bit.

Joe is the current darling of the tribe. He built the shelter, started the fire and killed it in competition. There’s no way this easy going, easy on the eyes hottie is going home.

The most vulnerable, as usual, are the ladies. Hali hasn’t made much of an impression which can be as dangerous as coming on too strong. Jenn has literally ruffled Vince’s feathers, but I would wager that Nina will be the group’s target.

Escameca (Blue Collar)

Rodney is a Boston Rob wannabe but his deficit of at least 100 IQ points will prevent him from achieving Rob’s legendary player status. His strategy to rally the girls by capitalizing on his sister’s untimely death and lead them into the merge is a great plan if you’re the leader of a polygamous sect. He is built like a bulldog and is an affable guy which will keep him around for at least another week, probably much longer.

Sierra, Lindsey and Kelly should be safe as long as they don’t turn on each other.

Mike, who sounds like Kermit the Frog, got off to a rough start in the first competition but pulled it together in the end. Rodney is an asset physically.

That leaves Dan as the odd man out. He’s older, not in the best of shape and don’t even get me started on his choice of undergarments. In order to stay off the chopping block, Dan would have to have a great social game which he doesn’t. He’s abrasive and condescending, primarily to the women. His only ally is Mike and that’s just not enough to save him.

Masaya (White Collar)

The only good thing about the Masaya tribe getting rid of So is it aborted future confusion when it came to her using her name and the coordinating conjunction.

Carolyn’s future is tenuous at best, especially if Tyler smartens up and gets her to use the immunity idol. I’m surprised Tyler assured her she didn’t need to use it, and had he known Max was two-timing the “Core Four” things might have played out differently.  

Max is in a great position. In addition to having testicles, which is an undisputed advantage, he’s got an alliance with all remaining four players.

Joaquin and Tyler aren’t going anywhere, so the women are sitting ducks. Because Carolyn has the immunity idol, Shirin will be the next to go home. She proved a huge liability in competition. When will everybody learn that the person who is the most adamant that they can rock out a puzzle in no time flat is going to suck at puzzles?

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