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Today looks to be CBS’ day for announcements. The network has announced the fall finale dates for the current seasons of Survivor: Philippines and The Amazing Race. This comes on the heels of the news earlier today that their hit freshman drama Elementary will air a new episode following the 2013 Super Bowl.

CBS has set the finale of The Amazing Race season 21 for Sunday, December 9. It’ll be a two hour finish from 8-10pm, with four teams starting out at the top of the episode. It is assumed that, by the end of the first hour, one team will be eliminated, then the remaining three teams will compete for the $1 million grand prize in the second hour.

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A show that knows what it’s like to air after the big game, Survivor season 25, currently in the Philippines, will air its season finale on Sunday, December 16, from 8-10pm. The usual one-hour live reunion special will immediately follow at 10pm.

Keep in mind, though, that December 16 is one of the dates where CBS has already scheduled a 30 minute delay in its entire primetime lineup for those watching on the East Coast. For viewers there, the finale will begin at 8:30pm, with the reunion at 10:30pm. That is, unless that day’s game gets delayed even further, as we’ve seen on some recent Sunday nights.

But before we get to the finales, you can catch The Amazing Race every Sunday and Survivor every Thursday, both at 8pm on CBS.

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