Tonight on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the five remaining models get wet in Jamaica. The competition is steadily heating up, and thankfully these hopefuls are finally given a chance to cool down with Tyra.

This model/photographer will reprise her role behind the camera tonight, shooting the models as they pose in a beautiful waterfall. It’s not all about the lovely scenery, though. Tonight will also ignite a spark inside Kristin, who has been itching to tell Leila how she really feels.

“I don’t even want to be friends with these girls,” says Kristin. “I just want to beat them.” Well, perhaps said model should focus on winning Best Photo. Nope, instead the topic of conversation is Leila’s return to the competition. “I totally think it’s fair,” Leila says, and I would have to agree because what Tyra says goes in the world of reality television.

Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s singer/fashion designer daughter, stands beside Johnny Wujek with the ocean as their background. 

Dolphin Challenge: Whoever takes the best photo with Tyra’s biggest fear, dolphins, will win a Marley package, worth $3,000, of High Tide merchandise along with a spa day with a friend and $10,000 in their college fund.

First on the agenda is a beauty shot on the beach. Here, the models will stand in the water and pose with a single dolphin. Next, the girls will take a ride. With one foot on the dolphin’s nose, they will be lifted and pushed out of the water, all while remembering to smize.

The models are warned not to startle the creatures after Nastasia excitedly skips around. Moments later, the dolphin working with Leila is spooked and slams his head into her thigh. “The dolphins don’t like Leila,” laughs Kristin. It may not be a laughing matter if an ice pack fails to stifle the pain.

False alarm! Leila is fine no matter how boring Laura finds her poses. Little miss perfect surely knows nothing of boring poses. As the dolphins lift her from the water, Laura’s bathing suit top is tugged down. Her upper half is flashed to the entire beach. “Did you catch that?” yells Laura, giving a thumbs up. “That was awesome!” laughs Johnny.

Challenge Winner: Leila

Leila chooses Kiara to join her for a spa day. Double trouble, Kristin and Laura are expectantly upset at their losing scorecard numbers of 5 and 6. Laura might not be very happy, but she does display some sense, keeping her mouth shut while Kristin continuously talks behind Laura’s back. Meanwhile, Leila and Kiara lay belly side down on massage tables, enjoying some relaxation and most likely laughing about Kristin’s resemblance to a tourist in her dolphin photo.

Johnny welcomes the models to Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, explaining that the models will be posing in the falls as warriors. But who will tonight’s guest photographer be? Tyra drives up to the beach on a jet ski, yelling from the water that this very spot was where she shot her first swimsuit photo shoot. So not only will the girls be working with Tyra’s direction, Tyra will hang the Best Photo in her personal home.

Each girl is given a theme:

Leila: wood

Krisin: fabric

Laura: shells

Nastasia: pipes

Kiara: metal

The falls are gorgeous, a series of rocky steps fading into the river below. While looking at them is an awe-inspiring sight, walking through them is proving to be dangerous. The models are assisted up into their photo shoot spots, but one model in particular is having a hard time coping.

Laura’s fear of falling down the falls keeps her body rigid. Her usual fluidity disappears and ultimately disappoints Tyra. Kristin also has her share of troubles as the cloth on her head becomes heavy with water weight. As clumsy as it looks, Kristin manages to push through and not complain. Does this mean her shots are any good? At this point in the game, every shot should be a strong one.

“I think that Leila is taking full advantage of coming back into this competition,” Kristin says. She and Laura are still stuck on someone else’s lucky break instead of working to perfect their own shortcomings. Sad.

“I’ve had dreams where dolphins are coming up to me and banging me,” says Tyra. Wait, what? “Well, not banging me,” she says to clarify. Thank heavens. Let’s move on from Tyra’s favorite pastimes and discuss the models’ photos with Rob Evans, Kelly Cutrone and Bryanboy. 

Nastasia presents a very beautiful photo. She simply continues to grow in her photos and the competition. Nothing bad to say here.

Laura is finally given some constructive criticism. “You don’t have as many angles to work with as the other models,” Tyra says. Yeah, she’s a pretty girl, but she needs to work her body to give variety. 

Leila is thrown accolades by Kelly. She says her shot is “one of the best shots of the season.” Take that one, Kristin! She is given 10s all across the judges board.

Again, Kristin does not look like a model. Tyra gives her props for not complaining about her curtain headdress and leans toward the awkward look in the photo. 

Kiara has a very strong sight this week, too. It’s so strong that Rob blushes and gets tongue-tied while trying to give any comments. Tyra and Bryanboy have to fan him back down. Her score is a 29.

For the first time this season, cameras follow the girls into the waiting room as the judges deliberate. Kiara and Leila are overjoyed at their high scores and embrace each other in a warm hug as Laura and Kristin look on. Kristin lets loose and lashes out at them for being inconsiderate of those who are worried about possibly going home. She’s only causing drama because she’s so scared of leaving.

Back in the judging room, the panel has made their decision for Best Photo as well as the lucky model whose face will be hung in Tyra’s home.

Best Photo: Leila

Tyra’s Photo: Kiara

Well, well. Guess who has fallen into the bottom two tonight. “Will Kristin and Laura please step forward,” says Tyra. Basically, Laura let the hype go to her head and Kristin just can’t seem to catch a break for worrying about others.

Eliminated: Kristin

“I would really focus on your face,” Tyra says, attempting to help Kristin with her modeling career. Personally, I think that Kristin should focus on herself as a whole, inside and out. On her way out, she is still commenting on how elated she is to not have to interact with these girls ever again. 

Next week on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the girls will audition for the Dream Come True fragrance commercial while riding a horse. Who will take their trusty steed with stride and who will fall off? Tune in next Friday at 8pm on The CW to find out!

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