She was the “Disney Girl” turned redheaded bombshell with “legs for days” on this cycle of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition. After witnessing her personal struggle to achieve Best Photo each week, audiences waved goodbye to Brittany Brown twice in the last two weeks! Yes, Brittany was first eliminated after falling into the bottom two with Victoria then Tyra welcomed back the previously eliminated models. As Leila re-claimed a spot in the competition, Brittany was forced to walk away.

Aside from all the bad news, Brittany holds onto her positive outlook. Her time spent in the competition has taught her well about the industry she yearns to belong to, yet one time might be enough.

I was given the opportunity to present Brittany with a “final exam” and would like to thank her for her time in answering these questions.

Name: Brittany Brown

College Attended:
Chandler Gilbert Community College

Do you feel you represented your school well? What has the reaction been to your appearance on the show?

Yes, I think I represented not only my school but all community colleges well. It is important to get an education no matter where you go. People see me on campus and either just stare or come up and talk to me. “Are you the girl from America’s Next Top Model?” I get it almost every day. It excites me because I have always wanted to be on this show.

Which previous models and/or challenges inspired you to tryout for ANTM?

I have been a fan of the show since Season 1. Each year I would say, “One year closer to 18 and I can audition!” As soon as I was 18 I went for it.

What do you feel your strengths were going into the competition?

I think how passionate I am about it and how excited I would get. I was also kind of known for having “legs for days” – I think that helped a little.

The show has undergone tons of changes for this College Edition. Is there any aspect of the previous make-up that you feel you missed out on?

I always wanted to meet the Jays and Nigel! I was sad about that. Also, I wish the judges had a chance to “deliberate” after panel, so we knew what they had to say about us, instead of just getting a number with not much reasoning like seasons before do.

How do you feel about the newly incorporated social media aspect of ANTM?

I thought it was cool! Giving fans a chance to vote on this show is amazing. They were on this journey with us and I’m glad they got a say.

Given the opportunity, would you go through the process again? And if so, what would you do differently?

I’m not sure if I would do it again… once might be enough. Kidding… I don’t know maybe. I would not read so much into everything and just relax. It’s easy to get caught up in it all; remembering to stay true to yourself is the most important thing.

Was there any part of the process you weren’t ready for prior to trying out?

A person can sit there and watch the show and think, “Oh I can do that.” I would say that all the time. Watching the show and being on the show are very different. It is hard! Having tough skin is important; I definitely grew stronger from this.

How has this experience changed your personal/professional life?

Being on this show has made me realize how important it is to do what I love. Don’t just do it because it’s fun; do it if you’re passionate about it. I also think I grew stronger because of this journey. I got a huge taste of the cut-throat industry and how important it is to stay humble and true to yourself.

What are your aspirations as a model?

I want to continue modeling and travel the world. I also want to pursue my passion for acting as well.

Who do you believe is the strongest of the remaining models?

I think Laura takes great photos, and Nastasia is only growing stronger. However, now that Leila is back in she’s a huge threat, and I wish her all the best!

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Jilliane Johnson

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