Last night’s live performances proved many things for season 2 of The X Factor. One of those things being that no matter the true reason producers implemented a seven second delay, it doesn’t help the awkward moments brought on by new host Khloe Kardashian-Odom.

Tonight is elimination night and while no one from X Factor staff will be sent home, we will be waving goodbye to four of the Top 16 acts. Can you guess who will be leaving the competition before two hours are up? Maybe take a little help from my predictions based on Wednesday night’s performances.

Mario Lopez looks very dapper, walking out in a black suit and tie. Khloe Kardashian-Odom, on the other hand, is wearing a pretty blue, patent leather thigh-high dress. Really? Kim couldn’t lend her something?

Let’s get to business:

Mario explains that each judge will send two of their acts on to the Final 12, leaving the other two acts to perform for their lives.

Demi Lovato and the Young Adults 

If you missed the acts perform last night, here’s a rundown.

Paige Thomas looked like a sparkly moon person who focused more on looking pretty rather than conserving her breath for singing.

Jennel Garcia might look like the splitting image of her mentor Demi Lovato, but she has the chops to make up for it.

CeCe Frey suffered from a bad bleaching and a lack of strong vocals. Plus, she slipped while attempting a sexy crawl in front of the camera.

Willie Jones introduced swag to country. His vocals were strong, yet the girls dancing around him weren’t necessary.

The four acts grace the stage. Paige sports a satellite dish on her head. 

“Overall, I was really proud of my acts,” says Demi. That’s all fine and dandy, but who’s for sure sticking around?

Moving On: Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas

Khloe stands backstage with a sobbing Jennel and Paige who continuously knocks the co-host in the head with her satellite hat.

Young Adult Save Me Performances

CeCe Frey

“Out Here On My Own”

While I’m glad that the performance elements were stripped away from her, i.e. no dancers or gyrating, CeCe’s vocals were flat. And I still can’t get with the blonde hair, I’m sorry.

“Last night, I thought that you were going through an identity crisis,” says Britney. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. She really liked the performance as did LA and Simon.

Willie Jones

“You Don’t Know Me”

All the girls swoon at Willie’s down south baritone voice. I would put my money on Willie because his voice is the unique one. There’s no sound like this on the radio right now.

“I wish I was mentoring you,” Simon says. He believes Willie needs someone who knows what to with his voice. Simon has a great track record, but how could we be sure of that?

Eliminated: Willie Jones

“Life is too short to keep it plain and simple,” says Willie as he’s asked how he feels about being eliminated. “Be different. Be unique.” Demi believes that it’s just not his time and the look on his face implies that he thinks she should save it for someone who cares.

LA Reid and the Over 25s

Last night …

David Correy brought his A-game right from the very start of the music until the last note faded out. He might want to take a chill pill.

Vino Alan performed a rock song. It was awkward and odd and seemed forced.

Tate Stevens knows what he’s doing and it shows. The confidence he exudes on stage gives the impression that Tate should have five record deals by now.

Jason Brock is a very likable artist, but last night’s performance was overdone to the extreme. Too much is too much in his case.

LA’s four guys strut out to center stage. Each man has a distinct style and together they resemble a modern day Village People.

Surprisingly, LA admits that he gave Jason Brock the wrong song choice. This is, of course, after he forgets Jason’s name.

Moving On: Vino Alan and Tate Stevens

This time, Mario is backstage with Vino and Tate, asking them the hard-hitting questions. The family questions. Vino keeps his cool and Tate gets choked up again when mentioning his kids watching back home.

Over 25s Save Me Performances

David Correy

“Since You’ve Been Gone”

Interesting song choice to say the least. When David sings, I find myself focusing on his display of his emotions and passion behind the words. I don’t know that this is my favorite performance, though. 

David walks around the stage with tears in his eyes. Britney loved the performance. Demi really didn’t like the rendition. She says, “It felt forced.” (Thanks! That’s what I was trying to say!) Simon agrees with Demi, but sees the emotion behind it, too.

Jason Brock

“One Moment In Time”

Thank heavens Jason was able to select his own song tonight. A voice like his only needs that one song. But wait! Jason’s voice is cracking on the high notes! Say it isn’t so! Oh well, it was still great with the voice cracks.

“You’re asking me to judge two horses who are coming last in a race,” says Simon. I’m usually on Simon’s side, but tonight that was really rude. He then tries to clean it up by saying it was a lot better than last night’s performance. 

“Do I go with “Mr. Entertainment” or do I go with “Mr. Star”?” LA asks himself. His wit astounds me.

Eliminated: David Correy

“I promise you this is not gonna be the last time you see my face,” David says as he is asked about his elimination. The crowd holds nothing back, booing LA’s decision.

Britney Spears and the Teens

Last night …

Arin Ray hit the X Factor stage for the second time. Demi thought he was “stiff,” but Arin is one of the most marketable in the competition.

Diamond White hit the stage running. She had fun and kept the performance age appropriate, too.

Beatrice Miller needs more vocal training. Yes, she’s cute, but the wardrobe selection was a bad decision.

Carly Rose Sonenclar may have been handed Britney’s school girl image, yet her vocals proved far better than anyone’s looks. She’ll be around for awhile.

The teenagers walk out onstage excited.

“I’m just stunned by all of them,” says Britney. 

Moving On: Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar

Mario is backstage with a crying Beatrice. It’s the nose-running cry, too. Carly Rose joins them and embraces her friend.

Teens Save Me Performances

Arin Ray

“I Look To You”

I don’t think I’m the only one who saw anything but this situation happening. Arin starts strong, but his emotions are getting the best of him. This gospel song is definitely taking the teen to a new level.

“I think for you to leave the competition now would be a big mistake,” says Simon. LA and Demi agree with him. Britney’s medications might be working too well and hurting her judgement. 

Diamond White

“Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”

Diamond was in her element with this one. She’s confident and sounds fantastic. I’ll admit I won’t be happy with either decision.

“I don’t think either of these two should have to leave the competition,” Simon says. “I genuinely mean that.” Exactly, because Britney chose the wrong girl to go through in the first place.

“This is really hard,” Britney says for the eighth time. 

Eliminated: Diamond White

“I’m happy I made it this far and I”m still gonna keep smiling,” says Diamond with the most pretty of smiles. 

Simon Cowell and the Groups

Last night …

Sister C apparently blames their lack of performance quality on stagehands, forgetting to place their steps on stage. Either way, they could work on vocals.

Lyric 145 took it gangnam style and brought the house down with their energy. Selling out or not, these three are a force to be reckoned with.

1432, formerly known as LYLAS, may have killer harmonies, but something didn’t really click. Nerves took over and they need to find out how to bring that first performance magic back.

EMBLEM3 blew everyone away. We all knew that they were one to be watched, but last night’s performance raised the bar.

Each of the groups walk out on stage and EMBLEM3 is the only one who does not look scared.

“I haven’t made my mind up,” Simon says. Well, you better hurry up!

Moving On: EMBLEM3 and Lyric 145

Mario stands backstage with EMBLEM3 and Lyric 145. I guess they’ve given this job to him because Khloe continues to flub her lines and get flustered.

Groups Save Me Performances

Sister C

“When I Look At You”

The girls are dressed very fashionable and look like models on stage, but vocals are lacking again. It’s nasally and flat. 

“There’s a gap in the marketplace for what you do,” LA says. Britney was pleasantly surprised and I’m surprised that she was surprised. Demi wishes to hear more from Sister C down the road. Wow.



Whatever that was wrong last night has been fixed. The girls are back and they sound even better than before. Ballads are definitely their strong point. 

“I don’t know who that song is by, but regardless you did better than the original singer,” Demi says. That’s definitely saying a lot, seeing as how Demi is the original singer. 

“I have to make my decision based on my head,” Simon says. This doesn’t sound good.

Eliminated: Sister C

“I think I saw it coming,” says a C sister. Awkward.

Simon stops Mario before he announces the Top 12. “I think we made a mistake,” he says. 1432 apparently won’t do as a name either. So the fans will be given the opportunity to submit their name suggestions and the group’s name will be selected from submissions. That’s actually pretty cool and the girls find it exciting. 

Here’s the Top 12:

Young Adults

CeCe Frey

Paige Thomas

Jennel Garcia

Over 25s

Vino Alan

Jason Brock

Tate Stevens


Arin Ray

Beatrice Miller

Carly Rose Sonenclar


1432 – Soon to be named something else

Lyric 145


Definitely some ups and downs on this results show roller coaster. I’m sure anyone can understand where my emotions land with some of the judges’ decisions, but I’ll repeat them in case you missed it. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato made some mistakes tonight. We still have a good handful of talent scattered around the competition, though. Who are your favorites still in the competition?

Next Wednesday night, the Top 12 will perform live on The X Factor. Make sure you tune back in to witness the unveiling of 1432’s new group name.

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