Pitch’s episode “The Interim” puts Ginny in a tough spot. Ginny just wants to be one of the players, but the players won’t accept her. Her presence on the team is bringing all this attention. Then when the team manager Al’s sexist remark about her from years ago and a current track and field player’s rape case both come up, Ginny has to decide how she’ll respond.

Will The Team Accept Ginny?

Pitch’s “The Interim” begins with “Ginsanity” in full swing. Ginny had won the first game, but the guys on the team are pissed because she’s getting all the attention. Amelia, meanwhile, is setting up a whole press tour for Ginny, who wants to take the players’ bus and be “just one of the guys.”

Al approaches Mike had tells asks him for help, so Mike says he’ll take the team out to celebrate. Only some of the team goes out to celebrate, though. They happen to catch a report on Ginny and how all of the guys on the team are being babies because she’s getting all the attention. It’s super awkward. And the reports just keep coming. Eventually, Mike turns the TV off.

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The Padres head on a road trip to play a few games. Ginny does really well during the first game, but the guys are still pissed. Nobody wants to sit with her on the bus. It’s like a high school horror story. Eventually she sits with Mike, who criticizes her for constantly waving off his calls. She needs to trust him more.

Who Will Be The Team’s New Manager?

Oscar and Frank begin their search for a new manager for the next year. Oscar’s super uncomfortable since Al, the current manager, is his daughter’s godfather and Al was his mentor. But Frank’s pretty determined.

Al’s Past Comments Come Out

While the team’s on the bus, a news report comes out. Al had given a sexist interview saying the guys would like to see Ginny in the locker room. This is especially offensive because there was just an incident in a track and field locker room.

Oscar goes to Ginny and asks her to support Al. Ginny wants to stand by his side so she could seem like “one of the guys,” which Ginny’s agent Amelia is completely against. Amelia thinks it’s too early in Ginny’s career to be making a stand like this.

Later, Ginny and Mike both show up to practice early. Mike has bad knees that are getting worse, and he has a hard time keeping up with Ginny. As she’s leaving, a reporter named Rachel Patrick approaches her and asks her to come on her show to talk about the sexual assault in the track and field locker room, but Ginny refuses. Things in the locker room, meanwhile, are getting tense.

Al goes to Ginny and apologizes for offending her. She says she’s just here to play baseball. Then he goes to read a statement in a press conference. Reporters bring up the divided team and how Ginny’s a distraction. “Geez, guys, can we just go back to talking about how pretty the girl is?” he asks. He clearly doesn’t get it.

Finally, it’s time for the game. And they do horribly. Reporters are commenting that all the issues with the team are affecting the game. Ginny wants to issue a statement supporting Al. She thinks the team’s falling apart because of her. But Amelia tells Eliot not to listen to her.

Oscar and Frank meet up after Al’s disastrous press conference. Frank demands that Oscar find an interim manager. He’s done with Al.

Ginny and Mike, meanwhile watch Rachel Patrick do a report on the sexual assault case. Ginny says she’s going on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and Mike tells her she should use her attention for good and to help Al. Ginny says she gave a statement already, but Mike never saw a statement. It turns out that Amelia didn’t issue it. Ginny confronts Amelia about it and Amelia admits that she didn’t issue the statement and tells Ginny the statement’s not a good idea.

At the same time, Oscar has to do what Frank tells him and starts his search for an interim manager. He goes to Bob, who works for Al, and says he wants to talk to him about something alone – not with Al. He’s going to let Bob in on the plan to get rid of Al.

Blip And The Case Of The Lost Shirt

Throughout Pitch, Blip keeps asking Evelyn to look for his lucky shirt. He keeps messing up during games and he thinks it’s the shirt’s fault. She eventually admits that it disintegrated in the wash, but they make up. Evelyn gets Blip the same exact shirt he had before (she had to drive hours just to get it) and she made sure that it smelled right.

Mike Meets With Rachel Patrick

Mike had complained about going to see his ex-wife to get his stuff during the road trip. It turns out that his ex-wife is Rachel Patrick. He tells her to lay off Ginny. Then he says his body’s breaking down and he won’t be playing much longer. Baseball had gotten in the way of their marriage. She always came second, so she had an affair and ended things with him. He asks if she’d take him back if he quit. He misses her, but she explains that she’s engaged to the guy she had the affair with. Things get super awkward and he leaves.

Ginny And Mike Take A Stand

Ginny goes to her big interview with Jimmy Kimmel and Amelia tells her to just “be herself.” So Ginny goes out and talks about how overwhelming the last few weeks have been. She’s supposed to play a game giving decorating tips, but Ginny refuses. She’s a “ball player” and wants to be “one of the guys.” Ginny says it seems like she’s making a statement just by existing, so she should make some more. She says her manager is a good man and he knows that he messed up. There are bigger things to worry about than his comments. She brings up the sexual assault. They need to make sure every boy knows it’s wrong to rape rather than teaching girls not to go in the wrong room. Amelia’s in shock.

Meanwhile, the guys in the locker room break out into a fight and Mike just loses it. Mike yells at them and says they should be standing up for Al because he always protects them. Mike gave his life to this game and he has nothing to show for it now. Ginny’s bringing them attention and sold out crowds, but they’re losing in front of sold out crowds. Now they need to win for Al and their captain. Then Mike stands up for Ginny and tells them to stop acting like brats.

Later, the Padres finally win a game and the guys kind of start getting along better. Oscar, though, makes a deal with Bob. It looks like he’s the new interim manager. He tells Al they’re going to fire him.

Later, Ginny tells Amelia that she’s the boss and she’s going to say what she wants to say. Ginny and the team go out and celebrate, but Mike leaves early. He notices Amelia getting some work done at the hotel bar and goes to sit with her. It seems pretty clear they’re going to hookup.

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How Amelia Became Ginny’s Agent

Pitch flashes back to San Antonio in 2014. Amelia goes to see Ginny play. She then approaches Ginny and her brother Will and asks them to hear her out. They eventually go for a drink. Will has been managing Ginny and set up all these deals and events for her, which is impressive.

Amelia asks Ginny what her timetable is for her career. She wants to make the majors in two seasons. Amelia says she’s not a sports agent. She manages stars and she can make Ginny a star. Ginny’s not interested, but Amelia tells Will he’s in over his head and he needs help.

Later Ginny and Will show up to a game and the seats are filled with women holding signs saying, “I’m next.” Amelia’s in the crowd too. After the game, Will says he’s going home and she should sign with Amelia. Amelia had called every news outlet and the story went viral. Will doesn’t know how to do that. He reminds Ginny that she’s the boss.

In the present, Ginny asks Amelia why she approached her, so Pitch flashes back to Amelia and her husband. Their IVF treatments failed and her husband reveals a baby wouldn’t fix them anyway. He doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Then Amelia sits bored in an interview. She sees a video of Ginny and quits her job and Eliot follows. In the present, Amelia says she approached her because she knew Ginny needed her.

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