On the season premiere of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X, the cyclone kicked castaway butts right off the island and then the Millennials kicked Gen-X butts all the way to Tribal Council where they voted off Rachel. Let’s see if the Gen-X tribe can get back on track and maybe kick some Millennial behind for a change in “Love Goggles.”

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Crisis at Gen-X

It’s Day 5 at the Gen-X camp and Paul says things are going well for him. He’s in the majority alliance and either David or CeCe will be the next one to go. The only problem is they haven’t been able to start a fire yet.

But here comes David, of all people, to save the day. He knows he’s been playing a miserable game thus far and wants to prove his worth to his tribe. So it’s David who starts the fire for his tribe. While Chris says it’s helpful, he thinks that David’s still the weakest in the challenges so he’ll probably be the next to go.

David’s nothing if not self-aware. He knows he’s in danger. So while looking for rocks in the jungle, he searches frantically for the hidden immunity idol. And what do you know? He comes across a coconut with a marking on it that turns out to have the idol hidden inside it. Now he has the confidence to make a big strategic move.

Ken goes out fishing with the spear and catches a big octopus to feed his tribe. He’s always been good about living off the land but he’s more worried about his social game. Growing up he had a speech impediment, a nervous twitch and was always shy. Guess who he connects with the most out here? It’s David. As Ken sees David opening up and trying new things, it inspires him to do the same. They realize that they’re not in the majority alliance so they brainstorm what they can do about that. David decides to trust Ken and show him his idol. Now the two of them are in this together and they want to target Paul to break up that big alliance and get some power in the game.

Ken talks to CeCe about targeting Paul next. She says it’s the best idea to cut off the head of the snake. Their plan is to just keep feeding his ego so he feels invincible and doesn’t see it coming.

Unfortunately, the scene of Ken and CeCe plotting against Paul is cross-cut with Paul getting sick. He goes down and is extremely pale. The producers come in but he says he can’t breathe and he’s having pain in his chest.

Jeff and Dr. Joe arrive to help. Dr. Joe is worried that Paul might have had a heart attack. Paul’s scared and doesn’t feel he has control of his body. But it’s good news for Paul. It’s not a heart attack, but dehydration and heat exhaustion. Jeff sends the chopper back and Dr. Joe okays him to stay in the game.

Millennial Showmance

At the Millennial camp, Figgy and Taylor are getting along quite well. Like, really, really well. Like, make-out-in-the-shelter well.

And they’re not even subtle about it! Michaela calls them out the next morning. In her confessional she says she can’t even believe how two people who were stinky, had nasty breath, and “sand in their drawers” got that close to each other.

Figgy and Taylor don’t think anyone cares that they’re a couple. But of course they care. Zeke says it’s a casual attitude about hook-ups that got them there in the first place, but they should keep in mind that they’re still playing Survivor. And Jay is bummed to see two-thirds of the Triforce making themselves into a bigger target than necessary.

Later, Michaela and Figgy get into a bit of a tiff. Michaela has had it with Figgy and the flirt card doesn’t work on her. Figgy doesn’t get why Michaela has such a chip on her shoulder, but they both want each other gone next.

Immunity Challenge

It’s not just an immunity challenge this week, but for a tarp reward. The Survivors have to race out into the water one at a time and retrieve a key. Then, they have to dive into the water to retrieve five rings. Once they have the rings they will have to toss them onto five posts. First team to hook all the rings on the posts wins.

David loses a lot of time in the water for Team Gen-X and then CeCe isn’t so good at diving. But Ken manages to make up all that time tossing rings. Gen-X wins its first immunity and will avoid Tribal Council.

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Switching the Vote

Zeke says it’s Figgy in the hot seat. He, Hannah and Mari agree that Figgy is the architect behind the Triforce alliance and she needs to go. Michaela’s happy to hear it. She tells Figgy to get her kisses in before she’s sent home.

Zeke tells Jay about the plan. He says right now they need to split up the couple and now they can hopefully pull Michaela in. If she’s still not in with them after this, she’ll be next to go.

Of course Jay isn’t happy to hear about this plan. He tells Michelle about it who says that this is unacceptable. She can’t let Figgy go home because she’s in her core group. But what to do? She says she has to pull Michaela in to vote out Mari instead.

Michaela is not happy to be in cahoots to help save Figgy, but Jay tells her she’s on the chopping block next if Figgy goes home tonight. Now Michaela doesn’t know what to do.

Michelle realizes they still need one more vote. She goes to Will and tells him that she knows Figgy is dangerous, but they need to keep her around. She makes the case that it should be Mari who is more of a strategic, social and physical threat. Will isn’t sure of what to do either and he hates changing his decision so close to the vote.

Tribal Council

All of the Millennials are geeking out about being at the Tribal Council set across from Jeff Probst.

Mari talks about how different playing this game is from her professional video games. She’s used to a two-dimensional world, but it’s much harder when you’re looking people in the eyes and dealing with flesh and blood.

While Jeff talks to Taylor and Figgy about the status of their relationship, Michelle whispers to Hannah to vote for Mari. The two whisper back and forth, and it’s clear Hannah doesn’t want to change her vote, but Michelle tells her to trust her.

They’re whispering and Michaela is rolling her eyes and talking about how much she doesn’t like Figgy. If she’s not voting for Figgy tonight, it’s obviously not because she has any kind of soft spot for her.

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To the Vote!

Zeke, Mari and Adam all vote for Figgy. Hannah struggles in the voting booth, so much so that Jeff goes over to check on her. She eventually writes down Mari’s name along with everyone else. Mari is the first Millennial voted out of the game. Seems like a waste of what could have been a great Survivor player. Instead we get to deal with more of the Triforce alliance. But it was impressive of Michelle to switch that vote at the last minute. Next time: A twist in the game! Could there really be a swap already?

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