There have been a lot of changes in the lives of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon’s moving, Meghan’s pregnant and Tamra’s still getting ready for her fitness competition. Then there’s Kelly whose marital status is still rocky, at best. Let’s see what’s new for the ladies in “Bye, Bye, Beadors.”

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Moving Out

Shannon’s rental house is a beautiful home in Newport Beach with a great view of the water. Shannon says it’s nice for now but there are a lot of things she’d change if it were her home. Good thing she doesn’t have to worry about that.

She also doesn’t have time to worry about her mother-in-law’s behavior the other night. She has to focus on packing up her home and family and getting them out of that massive house. It does upset her to know that her in-laws wanted David to leave her for her affair. But she has to put her out of her mind for now.

When they finally say goodbye to Casa Beador, it’s a bittersweet moment. A lot of good things have happened in that house with the Beador family, but there are a lot of bad memories for Shannon, too. At the rental, there’s lots to unpack (literally and figuratively) but Shannon’s excited to start on a new adventure.

Eddie and Tamra go out for a sushi date. Tamra talks about how effortless her relationship is with Eddie as opposed to her ex-husband Simon. Tamra tells him how she’s taking the ladies for a massage, but Eddie’s worried that it won’t relax her like she wants, but only stress her out more. That sounds pretty likely actually.

Kelly and Michael bicker in the garage as Michael tries to complete his honey-do list. They both admit in their confessionals that their marriage is not ideal. They’ve only been back together for two years since their separation and it’s been hard. They fight all the time and it’s taking a toll on both of them and their daughter.

Later, Kelly has a heart-to-heart with her mom. She knows her mom stayed in her marriage for 32 years because she wanted to stay together for her kids, but her mom tells her she’s not sure if she made the right decision. Kelly’s biggest fear is that if she and Michael got divorced, he’d get full custody of their daughter and turn her against her. At the end of the day she knows she has to try and do what’s best for her and Jolie.

Vicki has a bizarre meeting with a “charity” she’s starting. Only the charity is called #KillAllCancer and it’s actually an insurance policy that you can buy so you have some money to get back on your feet when you get better.

She has a weird exchange with the producers of the commercial for #KillAllCancer where she tries to explain away the Brooks situation. One of the producers looks horrified, and her son Michael even says that Brooks was faking it and she might have been in on it. But the other producer convinces her that if she’s doing the right thing and helping people then people can hate all they want. I think it’s going to take more than that.

Meghan’s excited about the upcoming grand opening of her candle store, K. Hall. She’s an owner now and it’s a great distraction before she goes to her next doctor’s appointment.

Later, she and Jim go for an ultrasound. They listen to the sound of their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Meghan finds out that she’s not pregnant with twins, only one of the implanted embryos survived. Meghan feels a huge sense of loss even though it should be a happy moment. It’s good that Jim is finally there for here because this a moment she really needed him.

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Getting Muddy and Messy

Tamra, Vicki, Kelly and Heather go to the Glen Ivy Spa for mud treatments and massages. During the mud bath, they talk about Shannon’s party and the crazy way her mother-in-law acted. Heather isn’t surprised to hear this. She tells them that she knows that Shannon’s family not only doesn’t like Shannon, but they cozied up to the woman David was having an affair with. She was even joining them for family dinners! Shannon’s sister-in-law got especially close with this mistress and they all wanted David to leave Shannon for her. How messed up is that?

Shannon’s not the only one with marriage issues. When Vicki and Kelly have their massages, Kelly opens up to Vicki about how rough things are with Michael. She says he talks to her with such disrespect that she’s worried her daughter will see it and think it’s okay for a man to speak to a woman like that. Kelly is clearly miserable and it’s kind of making me feel sorry for her, which I don’t like because I still think Kelly’s awful.

Vicki projects her own issues about her insecurities and mistakes with her marriage to Donn onto Kelly. She tells her that no matter what she shouldn’t get divorced because at the end of the day she’ll end up all alone. Both these women need therapy. Desperately.

Tamra and Heather have their massages together and they gossip about Kelly and her marriage. Tamra says she sees a lot of her own situation with Simon to Kelly’s situation.

When they are all back together for lunch, Kelly tells the other ladies about how Michael completely neglected to recognize their tenth anniversary. Tamra says Kelly’s lashing out is starting to make sense because she’s so hurt. Tamra says six years later, Simon is still trying to make her life hell. She says it will get worse before it gets better. It’s not a good situation for Kelly either way. Either she stays with her husband who is clearly not making her happy or she risks losing her kids. It’s lose-lose.

David and Shannon go out for a date night to celebrate being done with that difficult move (although I’m sure there’s still plenty of unpacking to do). He tells her that she should never have had to deal with his mother’s outburst. He thinks that his mom is still bitter about when his father left her for another woman and she partially blames herself for that so she’s projecting onto Shannon. He assures her that his mistake had nothing to do with her and she doesn’t want her to blame herself in the same way his mom does.

Shannon admits that his mom pushed the most hurtful possible button. She also doesn’t understand how David’s father having an affair made his mother not like her from the beginning of their marriage. She apologizes for yelling at the party, but she wasn’t mad at him, she was mad at his mother.

The good thing is that David texted his mom and told her that kind of behavior is unacceptable. He told her that from now on she has to treat his wife with a level of respect or they can no longer have a relationship. Shannon didn’t want to be the person to put a wedge between David and his family, but she’s glad he took a stand for her and proves that their marriage is on the right track. The vow renewal was important for them, but so is this.

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Still coming up: A trip to Dublin and yet another falling out between Tamra and Vicki.

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