Oh Amanda, you made me so proud last night. You did what no man in Survivor could do: correctly play the hidden immunity idol. Up until last night’s episode, I questioned whether or not it could even be done. This season, on Survivor: Micronesia, it seems like getting sent to Exile Island means that it’s a given that you’ll find the hidden immunity idol. Back in the days of Cook Islands and Fiji, you couldn’t just get the idol on the first try. You had to work for it. This season, it seems anybody with a brain and the ability to swim could get their hands on an idol. Jason and Ozzy were stupid enough to hold on to theirs but not Amanda!

** WARNING! FINALE SPOILER AHEAD (it’s good though)! **

The look on Alexis’s face said it all: the fans, at least, were shocked that Amanda got her hands on the idol. When everyone else was plotting and strategizing, Amanda seized a golden opportunity to dig for the idol, which was placed back at camp. She even played it without offending anyone. When she took it out at tribal council, she smiled at everyone and said, “When you asked me if I had it, I didn’t … yet. I didn’t lie.” True. She didn’t. Brilliant.

In her upcoming interview with BuddyTV, Alexis admits to being shocked that she was sent home. She was convinced that Amanda didn’t have the idol and never saw it coming. Like Jeff said, the cast this season has perfected the art of the blindside. I loveit. This game is being run by women and Erik is in a lot of trouble. Nobody is taking him to the final three, not even Natalie.

Which brings me to my next point.  Alexis let something slip, in her interview, that she probably shouldn’t have. When asked about her speech at the final tribal council, she said that she started it with, “Ladies…” That, right there, means that Erik didn’t make it to the end and that women have successfully stuck together. It’s a rarity in Survivor since, usually, women rely on men to carry them to the finish line. Just ask Colby Donaldson and Rob Mariano.

I have to admit: I am proud of the women this season. Yes, even you, Parvati. Instead of holding on to James, Parv played her own game, showing she’s learned something since her last Survivor appearance. Amanda soldiered on without Ozzy. Cirie never had a man in the game to begin with and I’m pretty sure none of the men liked Natalie so they were stuck with women whether they liked it or not.

And you know what? A woman deserves to win this game. Fairplay couldn’t hack it.  James and Penner went out with injuries. Joel tried to play all sides. Chet wimped out.  Ozzy and Jason were dumb enough not to use the idols. The bottom line is that the women played a better game and I will be happy for any one of them to take home that million dollar check a week from Sunday. Well, with the exception of one. You know who you are.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV