Thursday night can’t come soon enough, premiere night for Survivor: Micronesia.  Oh, Mark Burnett, you’re so clever calling Micronesia when we all know you filmed in Palau again but good job.  You almost had me.  Jeff Probst said in his interview, regarding the favorites, that they weren’t the top 10 favorites.  They just happened to be favorite players.  You got that right.  There were tons of people missing from that list and random people I actually had to look up to remember what season they were from.  However, with Oscar making his picks for the fans today, I figured I’d chime in with my own for the favorites.  Granted, this isn’t the way I WANT things to go down.  This is just what I think will happen.  Here are the favorites, in order of predicted finish.

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calicobebop said: I really don’t think the fans will let any of the favorites win. If they’re “super fans” then they know wh…

oscardahl said: I’m sorry…I love Fairplay. The grandma ruse si one of my favorite television moments ever.

richieice said: LOL Cirie? Out first. I’m with you on cheering for Yau-Man and Ozzy though… also Amanda and Parvati to a…

#10 – Eliza Orlins

Eliza???  WHO?  I consider myself a huge Survivor fan but I had to rack my brain to place this Survivor: Vanuatu cast member.  She actually was the 15th tribe member voted out and I still couldn’t remember her.  I expect her to try to team up quickly with her fellow Vanuatu cast member, Ami, but I think the tribe will be quick to break up any obvious alliances. 

#9 – Jonathan Penner

Listen, I actually don’t mind Jonathan but I also don’t want to live on beach him for a month.  The guy drove everybody crazy on Survivor: Cook Islands.  He also jumped alliances every chance he got, even defecting from his tribe when Probst offered up the opportunity.  He can’t be trusted, he hasn’t shown any loyalty, and I doubt anybody is going to take him far in the game. 

#8 – Jonny Fairplay

You know as well as I do that Jonny Fairplay will sell anybody up the river to get ahead.  Like Jonathan, he also cannot be trusted because he didn’t come to make lifelong friends.  He came for the money and the camera time.  Jonny has taken every reality television opportunity people have thrown his way and it hasn’t left people with a good impression of him.  I don’t know who would align themselves with him – perhaps someone who feels he’d be great to sit next to in the finals since he’d be the bad cop.

#7 – James Clement

There hasn’t been a dumber move than James not playing his two immunity idols on Survivor: China.  He certainly earned a lot of fans last season and there’s no denying his brute strength.  The favorites are going to need him to dominate the challenges early on but probably want to ditch him either right before the merge or right after.  He’d be a top contender to win the million should he make it to the end but his lack of ability to fare well in agile or intellectual challenges will leave him without an individual immunity necklace around his neck, leaving him vulnerable.

#6 – Ozzy Lusth

Anybody who lets Ozzy gets past the merge is certifiably insane.  Not only is Ozzy a great guy, well liked, and social, he’s basically an unstoppable force in the individual immunities.  The combination of Yul and Ozzy in the final two on Survivor: Cook Islands was perhaps the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in terms of who I was rooting for.  Ozzy and Yau Man are the two I’d like to see in the end just because I think they deserve it most but I think Survivor players will be smart enough to knock them out before they get that far.

#5 – Ami Cusack

Ami made it far on Survivor: Vanuatu, getting all the way to day 33.  When the tribes merged, she stepped up as a leader.  It is those assertive qualities that could take Ami far in the game.  She has proven herself to be a strong player and good at making alliances.  I see her making it to the merge but being taken out by girls who feel threatened by her.

#4 – Yau Man Chan

No previous player is returning to Survivor with a better story than Yau Man.  On Survivor: Fiji, he gave Dreamz a car in exchange for immunity.  Dreamz, being the slime that he is, renegged on the deal and voted Yau Man out.  Yau Man probably would have been a sure bet to win Fiji had he not put his faith in Dreamz but that’s just the kind of guy Yau Man is.  When he shows up in Palau, everybody is going to know that he’ll get the sympathy vote if he makes it to the end and nobody here is trying to give up a million bucks to him.

#3 – Parvati Shallow

Every time I read Parvati’s last name, it makes me laugh.  On Survivor: Cook Islands, she had one trick in her bag and that was flirtation.  She tried every way she could to get the men of the game to notice her and she ended up going out 15th in the game, which isn’t shabby, considering it’s all she brought to the table.  In his media conference call, host Jeff Probst hinted that maybe Parvati had learned something since Cook Islands and maybe it will take her a little bit further than last time. 

#2 – Amanda Kimmel

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride.  Amanda may think twice this time about who she aligns herself with after her experience in Survivor: China.  She made it to the final three but sat between two people she really didn’t trust.  Her alliance with Todd cost her a million bucks as he was a much stronger strategic player.  I expect Amanda to lay off the flirtation and align herself with women but then again, old habits die hard.  I could be way off on this one.

#1 – Cirie Fields

Here’s why Cirie has the best shot at making it.  She’s not the most physical player but she did alright for herself in Survivor: Panama – Exile Island.  She knows how to stay under the radar but not ride coat tails.  She’s got that motherly quality, having children of her own, and that’s something that people are drawn to in the game when they’re separated from their loved ones.  Cirie will come into Survivor: Micronesia with a whole new game plan.  She’s become way more physical, spending her free time running, swimming, and working with a personal trainer.  If she can up her physical game and combine that with her strong social strategy, she may just be the last woman standing.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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