It’s seemed especially quiet from the America’s Next Top Model camp since Saleisha Stowers‘ controversial win of Cycle 9. She did the usual post-show cycle of interviews, but many have wondered why there wasn’t any attempt, apparently, to book her for runway shows during New York’s Fashion Week.

What was Saleisha keeping busy with that would keep her from trying to break into one of the biggest fashion events of the year? Had the show succumbed to the outrage of disgruntled viewers and were trying to sweep her win under the rug?

It would appear the answer is no as a sighting of Saleisha has recently hit the news.

The sighting was at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, MD. The museum held an “Evening of Style” at which Saleisha made an appearance to greet guests and lead the evening’s fashion show.

Saleisha also talked recently with Newsday about what challenges she expects to face in a fashion industry that has been taking a lot of criticism once again for its lack of diversity.

“It takes a strong black woman to get out there and work the fashion industry,” Saleisha said. “And I am a strong black woman….I would love to see more African-American faces. We are beautiful. There should be more of us on the runway.”

As mentioned, however, Saleisha won’t be on any Fashion Week runways this year. There’s a good reason for this said her agent: “Saleisha already has commitments including CoverGirl and doing publicity for America’s Next Top Model…We will definitely send her to the next one.” The agent also commented that she needs to become more seasoned.

Perhaps Saleisha has learned a lesson from Adrianne Curry, the first America’s Next Top Model, whose complaints about post-show assistance got her erased from the show’s official list of winners. Saleisha took care to note that “America’s Next Top Model is only a door-opener…I know it is up to me to make my career.” What she does make of it, only time will tell.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Newsday,
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