Tonight on Survivor, tribe members hunted for the immunity idol.  They learned the hard way that the game never stops.  Two tribes became one and Jeff announced a merge.  Karma comes back to cut one survivor’s game short.

Jaime realizes that something is not right when wood pieces from the structure at camp are lying on the ground.  Feeling that one is an idol, she takes it and keeps it with her.  At night, when James goes frog hunting, she reaches into his bag and feels a similarly shaped item in his bag.  She knows that he is in possession of an idol and doesn’t want to take any chances.

At Fei Long, Coutney was upset that no one would listen to her a few days earlier when she wanted to get rid of Jean Robert.  Todd listened to her complaints but also was not willing to let her call the shots.  He needs Jean Robert for the numbers at the merge and Courtney seems like someone who could flip.  Therefore, it makes more sense to him to get rid of Courtney than Jean Robert.

The tribe members must have felt a change coming on and they were right.  Jeff brought everyone together and told them to drop their buffs.  Their new name would become Black Fighting Wind.  Before they headed back to camp together, Jeff told them to remember that the game never stops.  Many people chose to ignore this at their merge feast.  They were fed tons of food and were entertained with cultural performances.

Jeff shows up at Black Fighting Wind’s camp to conduct an immunity challenge right then and there.  They are asked questions about the feast they took part in.  Most of the survivors go out early on, with Frosti and Jaime being the last two standing.  Despite the fact that he said early on that he had a bad memory, Frosti won immunity.

Jaime becomes the big target around camp but Jean Robert tries to go against his alliance and vote for Peih-Gee.  Jaime’s alliance guns for Jean Robert hoping some Fei Long people will be happy to see him go.  At tribal council, Jaime tries to play what she thinks is the idol but Jeff shoots her down and throws it into the first.  She is eliminated and it seems the numbers will stay in Fei Long’s favor.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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