Before season 12 of The Amazing Race began filming, BuddyTV got the chance to talk to the contestants, creator and host of the show to get their thoughts on what was to come. Check back all this week as we unveil our exclusive video interviews of the 11 brand new teams.

It’s pretty evident that the colorful couple from Louisville, Kentucky, Kynt and Vyxsin, stand out from the rest of The Amazing Race 12 competitors, and it’s not by accident either. Kynt and Vyxsin want to make a statement and hope that their success on the Race will change the way people view gothic people like themselves. They also plan to use their aesthetics to deceive the other teams into thinking that they care more about their hair and makeup than they do about winning the $1 million dollars. BuddyTV had a chance to sit down with Kynt and Vyxsin to learn more about their strategy and goals for this Race, and you can watch the full video interview below.


– Kynt and Vyxsin love The Amazing Race and are huge fans. Kynt feels that the show represents a lot of the things that have occurred in their lives. He feels that its always been “us against the world” and he believes The Amazing Race really epitomizes that.

– When asked which past Amazing Race team they would most like to emulate, they said they like to be unique, so they’re hope is to blaze a brand new trail and not emulate anyone else

– Kynt and Vixen feel that because they have such a great relationship with one another and don’t fight, they will be able to stick together and work as a team even under the pressures of the Race.

– Aside from winning the $1 million dollars, Kynt would love to end a lot of misconceptions about gothic people and to show the world that gothic people are intelligent, insightful, and fun by winning The Amazing Race.

– One of their biggest strategies going into this Race is their aesthetic. They feel that a lot of the other teams are probably underestimating them based on how they look and dress. They believe that the other teams won’t realize how lethal they really are until its too late.

– They expressed that it would be extremely hurtful if they formed alliances and those teams turned their back on them.

– When the going gets tough, their strength is to stay focused and enjoy every moment that they have together – staying present in the moment.

– Fans can expect a lot of fun, energy, sharp humor, sarcasm, and absurdity. Kynt tells us they have some tricks that no one has ever seen on The Amazing Race before.

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-Interview conducted by Royce Yuen
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Royce Yuen

Interviewer, BuddyTV