Before season 12 of The Amazing Race began filming, BuddyTV got the chance to talk to the contestants, creator and host of the show to get their thoughts on what was to come. Check back all this week as we unveil our exclusive video interviews of the 11 brand new teams.

Ronald and Christina, the only father/daughter team on The Amazing Race 12 set to premiere on Sunday, November 4, feels confident that they have the intellect and willpower to win the Race. BuddyTV had the opportunity to speak with them prior to the start of the race at The Amazing Race Press Junket this summer, where Ronald and Christina shared insights into their relationship, strategy, and what they’re hoping to accomplish by competing in this Race. Watch BuddyTV’s full video interview below to get an inside look at this likeable father/daughter pair.


– Christina and Ronald hope that this opportunity will provide them with meaningful quality time with one another.

– They are huge fans of the show and have analyzed past contestants to glean tips on what they should and shouldn’t do.

– They hope to emulate Chip and Kim from Season 5 because they flew under the radar and weren’t on anyone’s hit list. Christina and Ronald feel that they are a likeable team and hope to build friendships and have a great time while being competitive.

– Christina’s hopes for the Race is to be able to get to know her father better, but most importantly, help her father take a break and stop and smell the roses.

– Ronald hopes ultimately to win the $1 million dollars so he can retire early, but also desires to bond with his daughter because he feels guilty that he hasn’t had the opportunity to bond with Christina as much as he wished he could.

– In terms of strategy, the main thing they hope to do is leverage their non-threatening father/daughter relationship to form friendships with other teams. Their plan is to analyze the other teams, and bond with the stronger teams that will help them in the end. Ronald feels that his experience traveling internationally will give them an edge.

– They recognize this is a game, and they want to win even if it means hurting people’s feelings.

– Christina said that if they win the $1 million dollars, she would share the money with her family and help her sister out who’s getting married next summer. She would also donate to certain civic causes. Ronald would like to pay off some loans, save up for retirement, but also splurge a little bit and buy a flat screen TV and a leather sofa.

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-Interview conducted by Royce Yuen
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Royce Yuen

Interviewer, BuddyTV