It’s the final frontier for The Amazing Race.  In 11 seasons, there has yet to be an all-female team to emerge victorious on The Amazing Race and walk home with the million dollars.  There have been plenty of one guy/one girl teams to win it all, a number of all-guy teams have won, but never two ladies.  The reasons for this are not completely clear; it could be a simple matter of bad luck.  The men are, generally, more physically inclined for some of the challenges.  I think that’s probably the main reason we’ve yet to see a female team crowned Amazing Race champions.  There are three all-female teams on this coming season of The Amazing Race (which premieres Sunday, November 4), and the question is this: do any of the female teams have championship potential?

I think the best female team to ever compete on The Amazing Race was Dustin and Kandice, who were on both season 10 and the All-Star edition of The Amazing Race.  They came very close last season, and I think they definitely had the ability to win the whole thing.  What it takes is solid athleticism by both team members, extreme competitiveness, an ability to get along most of the time, and a little bit of a mean streak.  Dustin and Kandice had all those things, and they still fell a little short.  Let’s look at how the three female teams on The Amazing Race 12 stack up:

Shana and Jennifer

These are 32-year old friends from Los Angeles.  One is an actress, the other a legal assistant.  Whereas Shana enjoys traveling, Jennifer is more cautious and not that big on traversing the world.  This could be a problem.  If they use their blonde-aided good looks to their advantage in foreign countries (as Dustin and Kandice did very well), that could be a distinct advantage in their favor.  However, I see Jennifer’s cautiousness as a red flag and something that will likely hinder the team as they hit the road. 

Kate and Pat

This older lesbian couple seems nice and all, but it’s hard for any older people to compete on The Amazing Race, let alone two ladies.  Pat is 65 years old, Kate is 45, and I just can’t see these two withstanding the grueling nature of the race.  If they do win, it might be the most incredible feat in reality show history.

Marianna and Julia

Now, these two may be on to something.  They are sisters who consider themselves best friends.  They also both love travel and are extreme competitors.  Without having seen a second of footage from this season, I like these girls’ chances.  I have siblings and we are all insanely competitive, so I know that when you are competing together, you push each other as far as you can be pushed.  A familial bond is stronger than any other, and these two will have the ability to fight and argue, then quickly get over it and move on.  They also appear to be athletic, which is a definite plus. 

It’s going to be difficult for any of these three teams to win, and after watching the last two seasons I’m of the belief that if Dustin and Kandice couldn’t win in two tries, it will be extremely difficult for an all-female team to win The Amazing Race.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV