The Beauties are the first of the original tribes to officially be eliminated. I suppose it’s not that big of a surprise considering the Brawn and the Brains had more skills besides their looks to get them through the game. So now there are three Brawns (Woo, Tony and Trish), and three Brains (Spencer, Tasha and Kass).

After Tribal Council, Kass is mad that there was another blindside that she didn’t know about. She says that Jefra crossed Don Tony so he gave her cement shoes and threw her in the water. Kass tells Tony that he’s a hot-head and he’s being condescending now that he’s made two big moves. Unlike Kass,Trish seems understanding, and still willing to blindly follow Tony.

The next day, Spencer, Tony and Woo are up early talking about how many times Tony has had someone shoot at him. He notices that Kass isn’t up yet, and wonders if she’s not feeling well. Kass, awake in the shelter, thinks she hears him call her a bitch, but as far as what we just heard, he did nothing of the sort. Kass tells him he heard everything he said, and Tony has no idea what she’s even talking about. Spencer says he could tell Kass the truth, but he would rather the two of them fight so it takes the target off his back.

Tony doesn’t like the tension at camp so he tries again to clear the air with Kass. But she will not be convinced that she did not hear what she thought she heard, even though this is the one time Tony is telling the truth. She accuses him of lying about everything and he tells her that she’s acting like a four year-old and not a 40 year-old. Kass tells him that she’s going to write his name down at the next Tribal so he better play his idol. In true Tony fashion, he gets so frustrated and eager to prove he’s good at this game, tells everyone at camp that he has the special idol. I would say that was a bad move, but it doesn’t really matter since he can play that idol to get himself out of a situation where he might have been voted out. 

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Reward Challenge

Two teams of three, Woo, Kass and Spencer on Purple and Tasha, Trish and Tony on Orange, have to race to throw sand bags to knock over the other team’s wall. Then one member of each team must rebuild the wall. The winners will visit a local elementary school as Survivor ambassadors of Goodwill bringing school supplies to the students. They’ll also get a meal of hamburgers and hot dogs.

The two teams throw their bags and Tony and Spencer do the most damage for their teams. The purple team finishes first, so they get to keep what blocks were remaining to rebuild the wall. Tasha makes short work of the puzzle for Orange at first, but Spencer, with Kass’s help, comes from behind and wins the challenge for purple.

At the school, Woo is really good with the kids. He does a martial arts presentation for them and just seems really natural and kind. Aww, Woo! So endearing!

Spencer, on the other hand, admits that he’s not really a kid person. He feels overwhelmed at first, but learns to enjoy the moment.

While they eat, Kass and Spencer propose to Woo that they split the votes between Tony and Trish to flush out Tony’s idol. Woo says he’ll consider it, but he doesn’t give them a solid commitment. He takes some time to think about it, then tells Kass and Spencer he’s in when they head back to camp.

Tony and Trish suspect that Woo was probably talking strategy with the other two while on reward. They ask him about it, and he says that Kass and Spencer want to get rid of Tasha next. Tony’s not buying it because that would not be a great scenario for Spencer to vote out his ally Tasha. But at this point, Tony has no reason not to trust Woo, who has been his ally from the beginning.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff takes the immunity idol back from Tasha for the third time in a row. He tells her that she’s one win away from tying Kelly Wigglesworth’s win record. For the challenge, they have to race to count the number of items on the beach at six different stations. They have to use the numbers to solve a combination lock to open a sword and break their tile. First one done wins immunity.

Kass tries to get all six of her numbers at once, but is wrong. Everyone jogs back and forth trying multiple times but no one can get the right combo. They’re at it for 25 minutes before they’re all exhausted and Spencer finally breaks his plate.

Loser Shuffle

Tasha is bummed she didn’t win the challenge, but she’s not done just yet. They agree that the women will vote for Trish and the men will vote for Tony. Woo still seems a little hesitant, but Spencer tells him he has to do what’s best for his game.

Now Tasha thinks she’s safe so she has to act like she’s going home in front of Tony and Trish. She sells it a little too hard, acting like she’s conceding instead of hustling and Tony notices right away. The fact that she’s not worried makes him worried, but he trusts his alliance. Either way, he admits that he may have to play an idol tonight.

Tasha talks to Kass about Tony. She tells him he ran his alliance with fear and he’s like their Russell Hantz (ha!). Tasha saying that makes Kass think twice about voting Tony off. She’s now considering he might be a better person to bring to the finals than Tasha. She pulls Woo aside to talk to him about it, which seems to just confuse him even more. 

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Tribal Council

Tasha tells Jeff that she’s confident that she’s going home. But she tries to point out how Tony is a bigger strategic threat and now would be the perfect time to flush out the special idol he claims he has. Tony insists that the idol isn’t just for him, but is for his entire alliance; that’s why he told them he had it.

Kass says Tony is disingenuous about staying loyal to his alliance after he blindsided half of the jury and just ticked off the other half. But Kass says it’s nice to fantasize about who she’ll be up against in the final three, but you have to get there first.

Spencer points out that Tony keeps misleading his alliance and they keep believing him. He says if they were smart, they’d stop that pattern tonight. Tony says he hopes his main alliance stays strong and votes for Tasha tonight, while Tasha and Kass are hoping for a blindside.

Tony doesn’t play his idol before the votes are read, but he’s still got the special idol in his pocket in case of an emergency. But he doesn’t need it, because Woo stays loyal to him and votes for Tasha. What a bummer. Not only did Woo blow his chance to make a big move, but now Tasha’s gone too. At least Woo will probably win if he’s against Trish and Tony in the finals, whether he makes any big moves or not. 

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