After a night of excellent performances, The Voice results tonight will reveal who is in the bottom four (yes, we are losing three vocalists tonight) and who is in the Top 5. With only one vocalist left in the competition, Shakira and Usher are both at risk of being out as coaches as well. We are rounding the corner on the home stretch with only one more week until the finale.

With three artists going home, the Twitter save will be more imperative than ever. Remember West Coasters, you can vote via Twitter if you follow the official Voice Twitter account. You will be spoiled on who ends up in the bottom, but you will at least have a say if your favorite artist is at risk.

Unlike last week, I enjoyed most of the performances last night and it is getting harder to see these talented artists be sent home. Of those likely at risk, I personally hope Kat Perkins and Kristen Merlin make it through, as they have risen to be my favorites.

Who will go home? Who will be safe? How much more will Carson talk about Adam Levine’s new hair color?

Get answers to these questions and more now, on The Voice live blog!

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Man, off the bat, the coaches seem exhausted during their intros, don’t they?

Audra, Jake, Kat and Kristen (“Chainsaw” by The Band Perry)

The rock-country performers kick off the show with firecrackers on this country tune. They are all having a blast, which is always fun to see on a tense results night. They all sound great, but Kristen really sounds awesome on this; if she stays, she should do more songs like this in the future. 

The Results, Part 1 

Carson announces that all of the artists cracked the Top 100 on iTunes, two hit the Top 10 and one hit the number one spot on the rock chart. 

The first contestant safe is Josh Kaufman! Usher can rest easy for one more week with his one guy still in it. 

Adam isn’t sure that he will be able to uphold the promise he made last week that Kat will stay until the end after being in the bottom three, but he feels that she deserves to stay. Shakira believes in Kristen and hopes her work is enough to keep her here. 

Usher is definitely relieved and grateful to Adam for letting Josh go so he could be on his team. Blake knows that at least someone on his team or Adam’s team will be going home for the first time since the lives began.

The Results, Part 2

The next artist who is safe and moving on to next week is Kristen Merlin!  Oh, I’m so happy! Shakira is emotional and crying and they are both so thrilled. This is a great surprise for the two coaches with only one artist on each team. 

Blake and Adam are going to be hit hard with having to lose artists from their teams now. 

Aw, the Mother’s Day package is sweet. A good reminder that I need to call my mom.

The Results, Part 3

The next contestant safe is Christina Grimmie! This was definitely expected because of how innovative and interesting her performance was last night. 

Christina, Delvin, Josh and Sisaundra (“Latch” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith)

I love this song, but I’m not sure it is translating well to these big vocalists. The choreography is interesting. A valiant effort. 

The Results, Part 4

Here is the reveal of the last artist saved, and the ultimate reveal of the bottom four. The last artist safe tonight is Jake Worthington. All of the coaches now have at least one artist representing them next week.

Sisaundra Lewis (“(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin)

I am disappointed that Sisaundra hasn’t been translating well on the iTunes charts because she is unbelievable. She just lays it all out there with this song and really has so much talent. 

All the coaches feel bad that Sisaundra is in this position due to her obvious talent. 

Audra McLaughlin (“Done” by The Band Perry)

She hits the stage like a lightening bolt, letting it all go. Had she let that attitude out earlier, she may not be in this position. She is awesome and definitely stepped it up from last night. 

Blake wants all the country fans to vote for her. 

Kat Perkins (“Barracuda” by Heart)

I love when Kat sings Heart. She really knows the insides of their songs and has the voice to carry off such an intense and challenging vocal. I will really miss her theatrics if she goes. Plus, I love her joyous energy in this difficult position.

Adam wants Kat to stay because she is such a killer rock vocalist. He and I are on the same page.

Delvin Choice (“Young Girls” by Bruno Mars)

I’m not sure this is a great song for him, only because his voice is so different from Bruno Mars. Thick and rich compared to Bruno’s thin and sharp vocal. Still, he is giving it his all. These contestants are sure doing their best, which is always commendable.

Adam wants people to vote for Delvin because no one in the galaxy sounds like him. Adam is one for bold statements.

Instant Save

During the commercials, it looks like the Twitter battle is between Audra and Kat.

And the artist saved and making it into the Top 5 is … Kat Perkins! I’m surprised! And delighted. 

Though also sad to see the rest go. This is definitely too much of a roller coaster sometimes.

Blake went from three to one, and now each coach has one artist to represent them, save Adam who has two. Whew, that was intense!

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