The Voice season 6 will not be kind to the top 8 tonight, as three singers will be sent home. I feel like this is one of those shows where anything can happen. Will there be an upset?

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We can look to the iTunes charts to help us figure out who’s in danger of being eliminated. Here is how Monday’s night’s performances played out:

#2 Josh Kaufman “I Can’t Make You Love Me

#5 Christina Grimmie “How to Love”

#14 Kat Perkins “Get Lucky”

#21 Jake Worthington “Hillbilly Deluxe”

#29 Kristen Merlin “I Drive Your Truck”

#41 Delvin Choice “I Believe I Can Fly”

#61 Audra McLaughlin “Forgive”

#72 Sisaundra Lewis “River Deep Mountain High”

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Who’s Safe?

Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimme can feel safe knowing they cracked the top 10 on iTunes, which means those votes are multiplied by 10. Josh’s #2 is the highest this season, which is surprising considering the fact that even with that voice, the song choice was horrendous. He tried hard to not make it loungey, which it came close to.

Christina’s performance was nowhere near strong as last week’s, but she still finished high on iTunes.

Who’s in the Middle?

I’m quite surprised so many people downloaded Kat Perkins‘ performance. It was an incredible arrangement, but the whole performance felt desperate and a little over the top. With this respectable iTunes finish, I think she might be safe.

I’m hoping there’s an upset because I’ve predicted accurately the top three and the two eliminated performers since The Voice went to live votes. I would like for America to surprise me and send Jake Worthington home if it’s not Kat but I’m doubting he will be. There can’t be room for three country singers in the top five, right? And Kristen Merlin is my favorite of those three.

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Who’s Going Home?

I’m going with the way iTunes played out, which means it’s the end of the road for Delvin Choice, Audra McLaughlin and Sisaundra Lewis. I still remember season 2 winner Jermaine Paul’s finale performance of “I Believe I Can Fly,” and Delvin’s version fell short.

Audra, I can never understand what she’s saying. I also didn’t know what song she was singing, and I think I wasn’t alone. Sisaundra, no one doubts her abilities, but she never could quite catch on on the iTunes charts. Plus, she went first. I think she’s definitely going home, while I’m not as confident in the others. Maybe viewers saw how low Delvin and Audra were and dialed in through the night to make up the difference.

Either way, it will be a little painful to see three singers go home, but with the finale just within reach, it’s time to cut the field by almost half.

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Esther Gim

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