Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki receive a lot of praise for making Supernatural as compelling as it is, and deservedly so.  Without their unique chemistry, the show would fall apart.  However, the magical team known as Padackles aren’t the only actors that make the series special.  Other cast members including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins, Nicki Aycox and Fredric Lane have also worked hard to elevate Supernatural to greatness over the years.  The series wouldn’t be the same without their contributions.

I’d argue that the show’s most important recurring guest star is Jim Beaver, who plays the one and only Bobby Singer.  Much to my surprise, there are some fans out there who think Supernatural would be better off without Bobby.  These ridiculous rumblings recently inspired the actor to post a blog on his MySpace, where he revealed that we won’t see much of Bobby for the remainder of season 4.

I have no idea how anyone can dislike Bobby or Jim Beaver’s performance, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from trolling the Internet over the years, it’s that people will complain about anything.  I think it’s a shame when people like Jim Beaver or Eric Kripke have to step forward to address this vocal minority, especially when the minority is just a handful of people gathering at a certain TV website that’s known for being snarky and negative about everything.  The complaints of these supposed fans aren’t even worth addressing, in my opinion.

Here are some excerpts from Jim’s blog entry:

“It seems there’s a sizable number of folks who are not happy to see so much of Bobby on the show.  Well, I can’t do much about that, except to say that I haven’t filmed an episode since ‘Yellow Fever’ and don’t know if or when I’ll ever be back, since my new show Harper’s Island is taking all my time now.  So that ought to satisfy the ones who are tired of Bobby.

“Someone also questioned why Bobby would speak Japanese.  Well, that’s my fault.  The script to ‘Yellow Fever’ didn’t have Bobby speaking Japanese.  It just had a Japanese spirit infecting Dean.  I mentioned to Eric Kripke that I speak Japanese myself, and suggested it might be fun to have Bobby say something in the language.  To those who wonder what possible reason Bobby would have for knowing Japanese, I’d say it’s probably the same reason I have for speaking it:  I love languages and about 12 years ago I decided to study Japanese.  Maybe Bobby loves languages, too.  So blame me, not Bobby or Kripke. 

“I love doing Supernatural and I regret not being there for most of this season.  But that’s a good thing for the folks who don’t care much for Bobby, and for those who like him, well, hang in there.  He might be back!”

People were actually complaining that Bobby knew how to speak Japanese?  Like I said, some fans will whine about anything.  It upsets me that the actor had to stumble upon such annoying opinions, which is why I decided to write this article.  Jim will likely never read this, but to counteract the negativity I think it’d be great for Supernatural fans to step forward and talk about why they love Bobby.  Sound off with your praise for the character and the actor below.

For those who are worried that Bobby may never return to Supernatural, my advice is to stay calm.  Harper’s Island is going to play out as a 13-episode limited series, which means that Jim could easily return to Supernatural after he wraps up his role on the CBS drama.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: MySpace
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