Much like all great shows, True Blood answered many questions in last night’s episode while asking many others. That’s right – I’m declaring True Blood a great show. With just two episodes left in its first season, HBO’s vampire drama is one of the most engaging and entertaining shows on TV.

The vampire mythology alone is enough to draw anyone in, and last night True Blood expanded it with the introduction of the Tribunal and the evil Magister. But the show has so much more to offer, with its compelling characters and deepening mysteries, and in these final two episodes, the Bon Temps Murderer storyline is back front and center where it belongs.

The big question after last week was about Sam’s morphing abilities, and not only did we learn he’s actually a Shapeshifter (or a Shifter, as they prefer to be called), but that there are many other Shifters out there, plus countless other creatures, including werewolves. This gives True Blood the opportunity to introduce whatever it wants, and it gives the show life for hopefully many seasons to come.

Speaking of future seasons, we also got our first look at two new major players on True Blood. A while ago HBO announced that four actors would join the main cast in season 2, including Michelle Forbes and Deborah Ann Woll. Forbes was the mysterious woman standing naked in the middle of the road, covered in blood next to a pig. Credited simply as “Woman in Road,” it was a creepy introduction to someone to look out for.

Woll, on the other hand, was Jessica, the Christian girl Bill turned into a vampire during the final scene. Obviously his punishment of becoming a Maker for the first time will have repercussions, and hopefully those will include the Magister. Played by recent Emmy-winner Zeljko Ivanek, the Magister was a terrifyingly maniacal man who had a vampire’s fangs removed with pliers. It was very graphic and disturbing, but that’s part of what makes this show great.

On the lighter side, Amy is a full-blown nutjob, killing Eddie after espousing her extremist environmental beliefs. “I am an organic vegan,” she said ominously, “And my carbon footprint is miniscule.” It was both horrifying and hilarious, a rare combination that makes True Blood so much fun..

Most importantly in last night’s episode, True Blood brought back the mysterious serial killer of Bon Temps as he (or she) hunted down Sookie in Merlotte’s during Arlene’s engagement party. Based on the assumption that the killer was at the party, Arlene’s fiance Rene is now at the top of my suspect list. The cagey Cajun had more screentime in last night’s episode than he has for nearly the whole season, and I’m always suspicious of supporting characters who suddenly become major players.

For a moment I also suspected Terry, the sheriff’s son, but since we also know that the actor who plays him, Todd Lowe, will be a main cast member next season as well, I’m leaving him off the list only because I assume the killer will be dead by the season finale.

With only two episodes left this season, I’m thankful that HBO already picked it up for another season, and I find myself looking forward to how this season will end more and more with every passing day. True Blood has gotten under my skin.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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