The last two episodes of Supernatural haven’t been all that great, but hopefully that will change with this Thursday’s new episode, “After School Special.” In it, Sam and Dean go back to their former high school to investigate a ghost, and they relive their childhood with a series of flashbacks featuring Young Sam and Dean.

The CW released three video clips from the episode that show all the different elements of this episode. There’s comedy with Dean posing as the high school’s substitute gym teacher, emotion with Sam reliving a traumatic childhood experience, and we get to see a flashback scene with Young Sam and Dean. Continue reading for more details and to watch these clips.

First up, Dean is the substitute gym teacher (Mr. Roth, presumably with a first name of David) teaching the kids to play dodgeball. It’s pretty funny, and it also features Jensen Ackles in shorts. It’s not until you see that until you realize it’s very weird for Dean to be in shorts.

The second clip has Sam feeling pretty miserable about a dead boy and Dean trying to cheer him up. It’s getting harder to tell which of the two Winchesters is becoming gloomier, since they’re both going to some pretty bad places this season.

Finally, we get to see Young Sam (Colin Ford) and Young Dean (Brock Kelly). Kelly in particular does a fantastic job of looking and sounding exactly like Jensen Ackles, though the age gap is still a bit of a problem for me. The actor is 23 and he’s supposed to be in high school. To put that into perspective, he’s actually older than Jared Padalecki was when he started Supernatural.

“After School Special” airs Thursday at 9pm on the CW.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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