Just when we thought there was no hope for a Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway return, George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles have stepped in to save the day! Despite previous statements from both parties saying they weren’t interested in reprising their star-making roles at County General; Clooney and Marguiles have agreed to come back for one last glorious ER episode. Though NBC has yet to officially confirm Clooney and Marguiles return, TVGuide has had sources confirm the pair is filming scenes this week on a closed set.

Clooney became a star thanks to his role as ER pediatrician Doug Ross, who was a cornerstone of the series from 1994-1999. At the beginning of the shows epic run Ross was the resident trouble-maker of County General. Ross was an on and off again drunk, a serial womanizer, and a chronic disobeyer of hospital policy. Marguiles also became a star, though not of Clooney’s size, thanks to her portrayal of troubled Nurse Carol Hathaway. Despite being the highest ranked nurse in the County General ER, Hathaway struggled with personal demons which largely stemmed from her on and off again romance with none other than Dr. Doug Ross. In fact, during the pilot episode of the series Nurse Hathaway is treated in her own ER after attempting suicide over another failed attempt at romance with Dr. Ross.

Despite five seasons filled of trials and tribulations, Doug and Carol ended up together for good. During Season 5, Dr. Ross left the cold of Chicago for the grey skies of Seattle and in Season 6 Carol (with she and Doug’s newborn twins) also left County General for the Emerald City. Since then, there’s only been one mention of the shows original power couple, though series-long fans never forgot the stars that started it all. Those fans will be rewarded in the series second to last episode when ER’s golden couple return.No word yet on what brings Dr. Ross or Nurse Hathaway to County General, or if their twins are coming with them, but we’re just glad they’re checking in for one final visit.

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Source: TV Guide
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