Supernatural finally revealed what happened to Sam on “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” or to be more specific, on the previews for the next episode. While fans could’ve easily guessed what was wrong, the previews for the next episode overtly stated it.

Sam has no soul. I don’t mean to blow my own Horn of Truth, but I predicted this three weeks ago after Balthazar revealed the importance and value of souls. Hoping to go double or nothing on my Supernatural prediction powers, I now have a fairly comprehensive theory that explains what happened to Sam’s soul, who brought Sam and Samuel back, and what the purpose of the Alphas is.

The short version of my theory is that God brought Sam back and currently has his soul. First, despite much talk, we still haven’t seen God, unless you count Chuck’s disappearance act at the end of season 5 as proof that he was God. It seems like a big oversight and a loose end Supernatural will eventually tie up.

Second, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Alphas. This season is obviously about meeting all of the Alphas, the original creatures and monsters, which causes me to ask: Where did the Alphas come from? What came before the beginning? The only answer I have is that God must’ve created the Alphas, which makes me think he has to be involved in the story.

The second part of my theory revolves around Samuel. Despite what we’re led to believe, I don’t think Sam and Samuel were brought back to Earth by the same being. In fact, I think they were brought back for opposing reasons. My theory is that the being who brought Samuel back, the person on the other end of his phone call, is Raphael and that his goal is to collect and destroy all of the Alphas in order to undo God’s work so he can start from scratch.

Seeing this plan, I think God then brought Sam back, realizing that the Winchesters, as a pair, are the only ones who can stop the plan. As for why exactly God returned Sam without his soul, I have three possible theories.

Why Did God Take Sam’s Soul?

Theory 1: He Needs Sam to Do Bad Things

Perhaps God kept Sam’s soul because He knew that, in order to stop Samuel and the plot to kill the Alphas, Sam would have to do things and make sacrifices he wouldn’t be willing to make unless his soul was removed.

Theory 2: Sam’s Soul is Corrupted

Like a computer infected with a virus, maybe Sam’s soul was corrupted by Lucifer’s presence, so the only way to bring back Sam without bringing back Lucifer was to take his soul.

Theory 3: Sam is an Alpha

This is my favorite of the three theories. If Sam is an Alpha, then maybe keeping his soul was a way of ensuring that Samuel wouldn’t be able to collect one of the Alphas. Sam was one of the special children and he was integral in Azazel’s plans, so it would make sense that Sam, and possibly even Dean as well, are both Alphas.

Where is Sam’s Soul?

Finally, the last part of my theory is about where Sam’s soul is, which seems obvious: It’s in Dean’s amulet necklace. Missing since Dean threw it away in season 5, the amulet is the perfect location for Sam’s soul, though perhaps I’m being biased by the film Men in Black, where the miniature galaxy everyone was looking for was actually in a cat’s collar the entire time.

So what do you think? Is God a part of this and is Sam’s soul missing for a good reason? Are Sam and Dean Alphas? Or is there a better explanation for everything?

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