The truth can really hurt, especially on Supernatural. This week the goddess Veritas arrived to force everyone to tell the truth, causing suicide, crazy dentists and one vicious beatdown on Sam.

Dean spent the episode wondering what’s wrong with Dean and along came a curse that forced everyone to tell Dean the truth. And the whole truth came out. I’m still trying to figure out what’s more disturbing: Bobby’s pedicures, Lisa’s break-up or Sam’s emptiness.

Here are the truths of the week.

The Truth About Dentists

If you go to the dentist, he will use his drill to kill you. So enjoy all that Halloween candy this weekend, if you dare.

The Truth About Bobby

Bobby is a big Tori Spelling fan and he gets regular pedicures. He also lets it slip that Dean is his favorite (sure to upset Sam fans) and that his first girlfriend was … well, we didn’t hear the end of that one, but I’m hoping for lesbian and not transvestite.

The Truth About Lisa

Lisa essentially ends things with Dean over the phone because she knew the second Sam came back that Dean’s twisted, codependent relationship with his brother meant they were done.  I’m loving Lisa this season, but breaking up with Dean is probably the right move for her.

The Truth About Dean

Dean really did want to start a family with Lisa, but his truth is that Dean is a killer, not a father. The other truth is that Dean will never pass up a chance to admire a nice pair of fake boobs.

The Truth About Sam

Sam initially claims that that he didn’t let the vampire bite Dean, he just froze because he was scared. But Veritas reveals that Sam is able to lie to her, suspecting that everything he says is a lie, he’s not influenced by her curse and that he’s some kind of monster.

The Real Truth About Sam

Once Veritas is dead, Sam tells Dean the real truth: He feels nothing. Ever since he came back he’s a better Hunter because he can’t feel fear or any emotion. He wants to be fixed, but Dean, who is angry, decides that punching Sam’s face repeatedly is the best cure.

The episode ends with Dean taking in the aftermath of his brutal attack on Sam. Why is Sam empty inside? It’s pretty easy to guess, but if you’re still not getting it, the previews for next week gave you the answer: Sam has no soul.

This comes as no real surprise, since it was my number one theory two weeks ago. Kudos to me and everyone else who called this one early. But now a bigger question remains: Who has Sam’s soul and why did they take it?

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