So The Vampire Diaries decided not to kill off Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). After revealing Katherine’s plan to have him force Tyler to kill him, Caroline stepped in to save Matt’s life, though Katherine still had a Plan C (or possibly D) and Tyler still killed someone to turn into a werewolf.

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While I don’t mind Matt being alive, the truth is that there’s no real reason for it. More than any other character on The Vampire Diaries, Matt serves no purpose. The only extended storyline he’s ever had was a dull relationship with Caroline that ended as soon as she was turned into a vampire and became interesting.

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But since the show decided to keep him alive, there must be a reason. I’ve come up with five possible storylines for Matt that could actually make the character interesting and important.

A Matt-Caroline-Tyler Love Triangle

After Caroline saved Matt and revealed to Tyler that she knows more about his new condition than he thought she did, I sensed sparks between Caroline and Tyler. Perhaps the fact that they’re both newly-turned supernatural creatures will cause a romance to form. We’ve already seen that a female vampire and a male werewolf make excellent bedfellows.

This romance could cause Matt to rethink his decision to dump Caroline, creating a new love triangle that puts a vampire in between two friends.

A Matt-Jenna-Alaric Love Triangle

Given the fact that Matt’s mom is an absentee parent who slept with Tyler, it would only make sense that he could have some serious mommy issues. In that case, it might make sense for him to turn to an older woman, and watching Matt try to pursue Jenna might be pretty entertaining.

Add a New Female Werewolf Love Interest

After the masquerade ball where both Aimee and Sarah were killed, the female student population at Mystic Falls High School is getting very low. So why not bring in a new student for Matt to date. To make it worth her while, she could also be a werewolf, since you can’t have just one, causing problems when Tyler develops a strange connection to her.

Make Matt a New Kind of Creature

The Vampire Diaries has vampires, werewolves and witches, so why not let Matt introduce a new type of creature. I’m not sure what he’d be, but based on True Blood, fairies are known for being extremely pretty. Maybe this explains why Katherine couldn’t go two seconds without commenting on Matt’s hotness.

Kill Matt

The best time to kill a character is when you’d least suspect it. Since Matt was supposed to die at the masquerade ball but didn’t, he now seems safe and the danger is over. That’s why actually killing him off now would be a huge surprise and a great twist.

Which storyline would you like Matt to follow, or do you have a better one?

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