The old saying claims that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, but that wasn’t exactly the case on last night’s episode of Supernatural.  Many of the things that terrified Dean after he became infected with Ghost Sickness were rather innocuous, but he had to face a few genuine fears as well.  Aside from the horrifying notion of being sent back to Hell, Dean had to wrestle with the possibility that Sammy may one day follow in the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s footsteps.  The creepiest scene in the episode came in the form of a hallucination, as Dean imagined a yellow-eyed Sam attempting to strangle him.  Is the younger Winchester actually destined to become the next Azazel, or is Dean merely paranoid?

Maybe I’m not the brightest Supernatural fan in the world, but I never considered the possibility that Sam might become a yellow-eyed demon.  I always assumed he’d morph into your run-of-the-mill black-eyed baddie, but now I’m wondering if a different fate awaits him.  Of course, we don’t even know why the Yellow-Eyed Demon had yellow eyes in the first place, so I have no idea what that signifies.  What makes him different from every other demon we’ve seen on the show?  Will we ever find out?

“Yellow Fever” had plenty of creepy moments, but the hilarious scenes truly made it stand out.  Jensen Ackles made Dean’s fear completely believable, whether he was squirming on the couch next to a snake or screaming like a woman after finding a cat in a locker.  In a weird way, the episode reminded me a bit of season 3’s “Bad Day at Black Rock.”  That installment allowed Sam fans to watch Jared Padalecki’s brilliant comedic timing for an hour, and “Yellow Fever” did the same for Dean lovers.  The episode almost seemed like an early Christmas gift for Jensen’s fans, especially with this unforgettable outtake tacked on at the end:

Just try getting “Eye of the Tiger” out of your head after watching that.

Thinking back on the episode, it’s clear that the title may have a double meaning.  “Yellow Fever” could easily describe the sickness that turned Dean into a chicken, but it may also refer to the infection inside Sam that will eventually turn him into a YED.  I have an unfortunate feeling that Sammy is destined to turn evil despite Dean’s best efforts, proving that there’s definitely more for the Winchesters to fear than fear itself.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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