Dominic Monaghan is going to play a rock star on a prime time network series.  His name will not be Charlie.  Unlike his character on Lost, Monaghan’s new character will be kind of a crazy person, a metalhead who will appear on the February 2 episode of NBC’s Chuck.  This is all according to an exclusive scoop from EW’s Michael Ausiello.  Monaghan’s rock star will make an in-store appearance at the Buy More and consequently be targeted for assassination by a group of shady bad guys.  According to Josh Schwartz, creator and show runner on Chuck, the character will be very different from Charlie on Lost.  The February 2 episode in question will be shot in 3-D to coincide with NBC’s 3-D promotion around the Super Bowl, which NBC will air the day before Monaghan’s Chuck episode. 

Dominic Monaghan, I have contended in the past, should go on to a nice career as a character actor.  A guest spot on a prime time television show is exactly the kind of work we’ll be seeing out of Dominic for years to come.  While most Englishmen who make their way to the States are of the dashing, leading-man variety, Monaghan is quite different.  He’s got an interesting look, though not one that will headline big-budget films.  He’s a supporting player through and through.

Chuck has been exhaustive in its casting of guest stars this season.  Already this year, we’ve seen John Laroquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Melinda Clarke, Michael Strahan, Ben Savage and Nicole Richie show up.  Monaghan’s appearance in the 3-D episode comes soon after the recent announcement that Dominic was cast in the sci-fi film Fortuna, which we wrote about here.  In addition to Chuck, you can never count out a return to Lost for Monaghan, who made an appearance last season despite his character being dead.  Lost has a way of bringing back the deceased.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: EW
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Oscar Dahl

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