Last week’s episode of Supernatural contained old-school movie monsters, Dean in lederhosen and one great reference to Porky’s II.  It also proved that Dracula is a really annoying customer if you work at a pizza place.  It was an extremely fun hour of television, but now it’s time for the Winchesters to dabble in darkness once again.  Tonight’s Supernatural, “Yellow Fever,” finds Dean growing more and more frightened after picking up a nasty infection.  Dean’s anxiety is rather hilarious at first, but soon he’s in danger of ending up back in Hell.  We wouldn’t want all of Castiel’s hard work to go to waste, so let’s hope Sam and Bobby can save the day.

Supernatural: Episode 4.6 "Yellow Fever" Recap

This week’s episode of Supernatural starts off with Dean running for his life from a tiny little dog with a pink bow on its head.  A Hell Hound it most certainly is not.  Forty-three hours earlier, the boys are investigating the death of a man named Frank, who appears to have died of fright.  They ask the coroner to do an autopsy on the supposedly healthy guy, but he finds no blockages in the arteries or other abnormalities.  The man died with scratches on his hands, but everything else looks normal.  The boys meet with the germ-phobic sheriff, who was on a softball team named The Gamecocks with the dead man.  Yes, The Gamecocks.  The jokes write themselves, don’t they?

There are a few people who have gone from jittery to frightened to dead in just a few hours, so obviously something weird is going on in the town.  After leaving the morgue, Dean is starting to feel a little freaked out himself.  The brothers visit with Frank’s friend, who tells them that the guy used to be a bit of a dick back in high school.  He shaped up after his wife died, but it’s still possible someone wanted revenge.  Dean does some investigating and discovers that the woman killed herself while Frank was at work one day. 

Dean is starting to act a little strange.  First he gets freaked out by a snake, then he refuses to push the Impala past 20 mph.  After Sam’s EMF reader goes off, it becomes obvious that the elder Winchester is haunted.

After chatting with Bobby on the phone, Sam (Jared Padalecki) finds Dean rocking out to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” in the Impala.  He also has a mysterious scratch on his arm.  Sam tells his brother that he’s infected with Ghost Sickness, which spreads like a regular virus once a ghost infects someone.  The ghost originally infected Frank, he infected some members of the rival softball team (The Cornjerkers), and now Dean is dead in 48 hours if the brothers can’t figure something out.  Sam has also discovered that the virus only affects douchebags, which is why Dean was the only Winchester to catch it.

As Dean does some research on Ghost Sickness, he has a mad coughing fit that finally ends with him hacking up a wood chip.  Dean has now become a clue in this wacky investigation.  The boys head out to an old lumber mill, and though Sam wants to go in with guns blazing, Dean is afraid to hold anything more dangerous than a flashlight.  Sam finds Frank’s ring inside the abandoned building, but that’s nothing compared to the cat he discovers crawling around inside a locker.  The instant Sam opens the locker door, Dean screams like a woman for at least 10 seconds.  Who knew a cute little kitty could be so frightening?

After the boys find the ID of a man named Luther Garland, the lumber mill machinery starts up for no reason.  As Dean runs away in terror, Sam puts a bullet through Luther’s angry ghost.  The boys head to the police station to get more information about the man, but all they discover is that he died 20 years ago from some sort of physical trauma.  Meanwhile, the sheriff is having crazy hallucinations and trying to scrub his own arm off.  “They know what you did,” his reflection says to him.

Sam and Dean meet with Luther’s brother, who tells them that people were afraid of Luther because he was large and creepy looking.  He was a kind man, but no one trusted him.  When the boys show Mr. Garland a picture of Frank’s wife, he reveals that she used to be a receptionist at the mill who Luther had a crush on.  After the woman killed herself, Frank went to the lumber mill, saw Luther’s drawings of his wife, and murdered the man by dragging him behind his truck.  The cops wouldn’t touch Frank, so he got off scot-free and left the sheriff guilt-ridden.  The scratches on the Ghost Sickness victims are representative of Luther’s road rash.

Dean (Jensen Ackles) is ready to burn some bones, but Luther’s body was so mutilated that the remains didn’t end up in one place.  This isn’t the news that Dean wants to hear.  He starts ranting about how insane they are to hunt monsters and ghosts, and he also rambles on about how gassy Sam is when they’re stuck in the car together for eight hours a day.  Dean decides he’s ready to quit and walk away from this crazy life, but after he gets chased by the cute dog with the pink bow he heads back to the motel.

Dean will be dead in less than four hours, which means it’s time for the crazy Ghost Sickness hallucinations to start. Dean has a vision of an evil, yellow-eyed Sam telling him that he’s going to go back to Hell. Meanwhile, the real Sam visits Bobby (Jim Beaver) to get some information. If they can’t burn Luther’s remains, the only other option is to fight fear with fear. They have to find a way to scare the ghost to death. Sam and Bobby grab some weapons and head to the lumber mill, but Luther isn’t so quick to show himself. Sam starts destroying the drawings of Frank’s wife, and the big, freaky ghost appears a moment later.

Dean thinks he’s having a hallucination when the sheriff bursts into the motel room waving a pistol around, but the crazy sheriff is the real deal. The two get into a brawl that ends with the police officer having a fear-induced heart attack. Whoops. As Dean continues scratching his arm off, Lilith appears and gives him a big hug. She says that it’s time to go back to Hell, and that he’ll soon be chained up and burning again like the good old days. Dean’s heart comes close to exploding, but luckily Sam gets a leg up on the ghost at the last minute. He throws a chain around Luther’s neck and has Bobby drag him down the road with his car, scaring the spirit off once and for all.

Dean is back to his normal self, which means it’s time to get back to downing beers and hunting monsters. Sam wants to know what he saw in his creepy visions, but of course Dean doesn’t mention that he saw his brother’s yellow-eyed future. Will those Winchesters ever learn to tell each other everything?

After Supernatural comes to an end, we get a bonus outtake of Jensen Ackles rocking out to “Eye of the Tiger.” He pops his collar, hops on top of the Impala, strums his leg like a guitar, and basically makes every female fan melt into a puddle. It’s a rather hilarious little bonus for the Ackles-obsessed in the audience, and a perfect finale for an awesome episode.

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