Supernatural alum and bonafide internet celebrity Felicia Day made quite the surprise announcement on Wednesday. The actress is expecting a baby and not only is she pregnant, the due date is imminent. In a recent tweet Felicia Day stunned fans by announcing the fast approaching birth of her first child (a girl) and giving the due date as only a few weeks away. Many people, both famous and not, have responded to Felicia’s announcement, including Day’s former Supernatural co-stars Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki. 

10 TV Characters You Should Never Name Your Kid After>>> Felicia Day has been out of the public eye recently and it turns out there is a reason for it: her pregnancy. Felicia even poked fun about the surprise (and lateness) of the announcement, saying, “She’s coming in about three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff.” 

Her former Supernatural co-stars didn’t seem too fazed by the announcement. Whether they already knew about Felicia’s pregnancy or not is anyone’s guess but they already appear to be planning baby girl Day’s future, especially Jared Padalecki. After congratulating Felicia on her pregnancy, Jared asked if she thinks her daughter will like “older men,” referring to his own sons. 

Felicia responded in kind, pretty receptive to the idea, hashtagging “#hunterdynasty”

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Meanwhile, Misha Collins is all ready to change diapers and watch over the newest addition to the extended Supernatural family. Collins congratulated Day on her pregnancy and told her he is always available to be a sitter. 

Felicia didn’t quite take him up on the offer (yet) but given her response she is obviously approving of the suggestion. 

So what do you think? Are you surprised by Felicia Day’s announcement? Do you miss her on Supernatural? Should the show bring her character, Charlie, back? Should Felicia and Jared be matchmaking their children? Would you let Misha Collins babysit your kids? 

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