The final pre-strike episode of Supernatural airs tomorrow night, leaving fans hanging until the show returns on April 24.  “Jus in Bello” finds Sam and Dean getting arrested by the cocky Agent Henricksen.  However, when an evil demon shows up and starts possessing some of the police officers, Henricksen gets a lot more than he bargained for.  Other than that, “Jus in Bello” will find the Winchesters facing an entire army of demons, led by the mysterious new enemy from the West.  The episode promises to end on a heart stopping cliffhanger that will leave fans clamoring for new installments.

To prepare for all the excitement tomorrow night, the CW has provided two exclusive clips from the episode.  Read on if you’re not afraid of a few spoilers.

The first clip shows Agent Henricksen gloating over the fact that he’s finally captured the Winchester boys.  He wants to separate them and drop them in a maximum security prison in the middle of the desert, but since that would turn the show into a very boring Prison Break clone it’s probably not going to happen.  Dean (Jensen Ackles) also confirms that he’s not into bondage, for those of you who were wondering about that sort of thing.

The second clip finds another agent visiting the boys in their cell.  In a very unexpected turn of events, he pulls out a pistol and shoots Dean in the shoulder.  It turns out that the guy is possessed by the black smoke monster from Lost, or something closely resembling it.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) gets the demon to leave his body, but since it leaves the agent dead it looks pretty bad for the Winchesters.

With an army of monsters attempting to break into the prison where the Winchesters are held, “Jus in Bello” looks to be Supernatural‘s answer to the zombie invasion genre.  This really excites me, as I love tales where the good guys are trapped and have to find clever ways of dispatching hordes of villains.  Though this will be the last episode of Supernatural for a while, fans can look forward to four more installments that will wrap up season 3 when the series returns in April.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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