This Monday, Prison Break will end its third season after having proven that the show has what it takes to go the distance. In the finale, “The Art of the Deal”, Michael meets face to face with Susan to negotiate a trade – LJ for Whistler. McGrady and his father deal with the roadblock that they hit while trying to escape. T-Bag comes to Lechero’s aid while Sucre pays the price for the escape. Here are some juicy tidbits from Monday night’s episode for those who just can’t wait until then!


In a scene from episode 13, which has hit the internet, Susan sits with Michael outside a café. She is genuinely impressed that he has made it out of Sona, seeing as he is the only person to have ever successfully broken out of the prison. Complimenting his intellect, Susan tells him that might be better off working for The Company as opposed to against, noting that the pay isn’t too shabby either. Michael doesn’t respond to the offer, instead demanding that she bring out Sofia and LJ. Susan does as she’s told but we’ll have to wait until Monday night to see how the trade goes.

Michael receives a gift of great importance in “The Art of The Deal”, a gift from beyond, as Fox put it in their promos. A copy of the scene has made its way onto fan sites and BuddyTV can confirm that the gift is, in fact, from Sara. In an alley behind a hospital, LJ hands Michael the origami rose he once gave to Sara. Michael becomes overcome with emotion and his brother and nephew give him a minute to collect himself. No word on whether there will be a Michael/Sara flashback.

The last piece of information about the season finale is the one that has fans the most worried. Prison Break writer Nick Santora posted his take on Sucre’s fate online this week, saying, “For those of you who don’t want to see bad things happen to Sucre … don’t watch next week! I know, I know … it bothers me too … I love that character, but bad things happen to good people.” We knew that Prison Break wouldn’t end its season without some bloodshed, but do we really have to lose one of the good guys? Can’t somebody take out Bellick or Lechero? I’d throw a vote out there for T-Bag because he’s so damn creepy but let’s face it: he’s good television.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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