Tonight is the winter finale of Fox’s Prison Break and I head into tonight’s episode with one hope. Do not kill Sucre off. Other than Michael, he’s my favorite character and I don’t know if I can go on without him. Last week, all signs pointed to an untimely death for Michael’s former cellmate. However, a description on Fox’s website gives us some hope: a familiar face enters Sona as another leaves it in a body bag. Since the show isn’t stupid enough to kill off T-Bag, does that mean our precious Sucre is safe and Bellick or Lechero are the ones in real danger? Tonight’s finale promises an ending we never saw coming. Here’s what happened on the season finale of Prison Break.

Michael and Lincoln jump into their car to try to chase down Whistler after he took off from the meeting place. The car chase draws a bit of attention to a group of people who just broke out a prison. It’s probably not their smartest move but desperate men will do desperate things. The chase goes to foot when Whistler jumps out of the car to try to make a run for it. He tries to call Susan to get her to pick him up but is jumped by Lincoln. Of course, the police are called by some civilians and sirens can be heard in the background.

McGrady and his father approach the road block but he hides at the last minute. His father tells the policeman that he does not recognize any of the men. They ask him to pull over anyway so that they can inspect his car. Meanwhile, back at Sona, Sucre is getting the living daylights beaten out of him by the guards looking for information about Michael. Susan gets a phone call from Michael, asking her to meet him alone.

Inside Sona, a riot has started with many prisoners getting in line to kick Lechero when he’s down. T-Bag steps in and fights everyone off of him, then helps him back to his cell along with Bellick. When he returns, he finds the entire place trashed with many things stolen. Outside, Sucre is forced to dig his own grave, refusing to give up any information about Michael and the escape. Susan and Michael meet up at a restaurant and she unofficially offers him a position with The Company. Before he can answer, LJ and Sofia appear with guards close behind them. Michael tells Susan that they’re not doing the exchange here – she’ll have to wait for his next call with instructions.

McGrady’s father removes the tarp as he is told but the police only find fertilizer in the bed of the truck.  Michael calls Susan, telling her to meet him at a museum to make the exchange.  When she arrives, she finds a metal detector, meaning she can’t bring her gun inside.  Very smart move by Michael.  T-Bag looks to get money out of Lechero in exchange for his help and loyalty.  Lincoln and Michael receive LJ back and Whistler heads over to Susan.  In order to escape Susan’s men, who are at every exit with guns, Michael triggers the museum alarm.

Sucre is instructed to lie down in the grave and he begins praying as the guards throw dirt on him.  Instead of helping Lechero, T-Bag instructs Bellick to hold him down.  When he doesn’t move, T-Bag takes matters into his own hands and suffocates Lechero to death.  When Whistler is stopped outside the museum, a member of The Company tries to create a distraction by firing off a shot.  He hits Sofia and everyone scatters.  Lincoln rushes to Sofia’s side, despite LJ’s pleas that they start running.  Michael makes his way to Susan and points a gun at her.  LJ finally convinces Lincoln to run while he stays with her, trying to get her some help.  In the van, on their escape, Susan asks Whistler for the book, which he tells her is gone.

T-Bag gets Lechero’s money, a little at a time, from his girlfriend/prostitute.  McGrady arrives home to a big welcome party with all his friends and family.  One of the guards tells the rest to stop burying Sucre.  They pull him out and make him a full fledged inmate at Sona.  Michael calls him a second later but he doesn’t get any information for the guards.  T-Bag stands out in the prison yard yelling that Lechero is dead and that all cons are now equal.  He starts handing out money to everyone, making sure that the rest of it is in a safe place for himself later on.

LJ checks on Sofia at the hospital, who is going to be okay.  Outside, he gives Michael the origami rose from Sara.  He immediately flashes back to their time together before her death and is overcome with emotion.  LJ then tells Lincoln that Sofia says there is something under her bed at her apartment that he might be interested in.  Mahone meets with Whistler in a dive bar, agreeing to join forces with The Company.  Michael and Lincoln break into Sofia’s and uncover a file on a man named Jason Lief. Michael decides to hold onto it, feeling that it will help him get to Gretchen and make her pay for killing Sara.  The brothers part ways, each headed down a different path.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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