Season 7 of Supernatural began with a bang as Sam, Dean and Bobby struggled to fight the new God, Castiel. But by the end of the episode, God wasn’t the biggest threat as a new foe emerged.

In the aftermath of Cas becoming God, he became scary and vengeful, running across the world to kill any hypocritical, anti-gay preachers (because God is indifferent toward sexual orientation) while disbanding the KKK and curing lepers. That might sound fine, but he’s also killing motivational speakers and anyone who might claim to be spiritual or religious, so Cas really went off the deep end. He eventually tracks down Crowley to make a new deal: Crowley stays alive and returns as the King of Hell, but Cas gets to decide which souls go to Hell.

While Cas is on his World Wrath Tour, Dean puts all his time and effort into restoring the Impala to mint condition (again). And Sam is busy coping with hallucinations of fire and brimstone now that the wall in his head is down.

They eventually get inspired by contacting Crowley for help binding Death, since Death is the only player on the board capable of killing God. They succeed and bring Death, who is his usual hilarious self. He enjoys some pickle chips and politely mocking these insignificant creatures. He also provides some great exposition on the Big Bad of season 7. The souls Cas took in from Purgatory included those of the Leviathan, the original beasts God created before man and angels that were so nasty that God created Purgatory for the sole purpose of keeping them locked away. And now those Leviathan souls are tearing Cas apart trying to escape from his body.

Cas shows up for a friendly chat with Death and, even though everyone walks away still alive, Death promises that Cas is no God and he’s dying. Before it’s all over, Death does throw Dean a bone by letting him know the best solution is to reopen the door to Purgatory and have Cas send the souls, Leviathan and all, back.

After a killing spree at a Senator’s office, Cas reaches rock bottom and listens to Sam’s prayers to come back and work with them. Sam is the real hero, since Dean was busy watching Asian cartoon porn while the world came to an end.

They go to open the door to Purgatory, but Sam gets distracted when Lucifer shows up! Yes, Mark Pellegrino is back, and he says that this is all part of Sam’s torture in the cage and that he never really escaped. In other words, he says all of last season was a Hell Dream. He’d better be lying, because I’d hate for Supernatural to do that.

Meanwhile Dean and Bobby succeed in opening the door and the souls leave Cas, killing him. But then he magically comes back to life, only we quickly learn that the Leviathan held on because they’re so strong and now they take over Castiel’s body.

So Cas is dead, for real this time, but luckily for us, Misha Collins is still around, now as the Leviathan. And once again, the tradition of “L”-named Big Bads continues (following Lilith and Lucifer).

Next week on Supernatural: Lucifer sticks around to taunt Sam about whether this world is real or not. Any excuse for more Mark Pellegrino is fine by me.

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